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  • Signed Proponente (1940)

    Hi There,

    Whilst visiting some second hand stores, I came across a signed proponente framed photograph. Signed by everyone on the photo. Dated 1940.

    Decided to buy it as it looked extremely interesting.

    Since buying it, I have found that two of the people on the photo had become very prominent members (leaders) of their respective churches, and have either been the subject of a number of books, or written a number of books.

    One other person on the photo may or may not have had a sports stadium named after him. Still doing some research to find out if this person is the person the stadium was named after.

    Would this have any type of worth for collectors?


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    I am sure if the author is well known the photo would be of interest.
    If you give people on the forum the it may help to comment futher.


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      Thanks for the reply geewhizz.

      The three names that have caught my eye during the research i've done are: P de B Kock, DPM Beukes and Pam Brink. Pam's the person I'm most struggling to place as I'm having difficulty in proving whether he is the person the stadium in Springs was named after, or not.

      I will definitely not sell it until I have some info on all the people on the photo, will be scouring Tuks' library for more info when I have the time.

      Thanx again and kind regards.


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        Pam is a womans name. What information do you have on the other 2 ??
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          Ja Pam is a womans name but its also a "noemnaam" for a man. In this case the person on the photo is definitely male, and the stadium as far as we know was also named after a man...

          As for the other 2, Beukes was the chairman of the general sinode in his church, and De Kock was also a big wig in his church, a book was written about him, I dont have the name with me now but it is titled something like P de B Kock, filosoof en prediker in reformasie. Will give the full name when I can, am replying via my cellphone at present.


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            The information on the other 2 --does it give you any indication where the resided in South Africa? Does this Pam Brink fit into the same area.
            Seems a number of other places were named after him
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