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  • help with finding a value

    Immaculate and rare dollar denominated antique cash register. Solid Brass with all glass, keys and attachments in original mint condition with the exception of the 5c key which was replaced at some point and the 0c key which is a little worn but visible. It was manufactured by National with serial number plate intact. It has a customer counter, sales counter and daily dollar and cents counter which all still work perfectly. Any idea what this is worth Alexander Forbes has it specified under insurance for R42,000
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    Very interesting item!


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      Thanks JP it is really a lovely piece thats been with me for a number of years i still use it in the bar to hold odds and ends


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        This is a beautiful piece.

        Geewizz buys and sells collectibles and seems to have access to all sorts of valuation sites. She may be able to help.
        Items I have for sale.

        Why do today what you can put off till next year?


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          Hi Mellowred

          many thanks for the input i will see if she could help much appreciated