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  • Help Please on a Sheffield Beer Mug

    Hi to the Friendlies

    Is there anyone knowledgeable on Sheffield Pewter. This question is for my Mum. My Dad passed away 6 weeks ago and this item is from his estate. She has asked me to dispose of a few goods as she is moving to a smaller place and does not have space to keep all.

    This is a pewter beer mug. On the bottom is the inscription
    English Pewter
    Made in Sheffield

    On the side is a badge of the Royal Airforces Association
    An eagle or falcon with spread wings, standing on a small world globe with the continent of Africa foremost and the inscription 'RAFA'

    Above the badge is the inscription
    'Presented To
    No. 3 (Transport) Squadron
    Royal Rhodesian Air Force'

    Below the badge is the inscription
    No. 1064 Nyasaland Branch
    The Royal Air Forces Association'

    I would be grateful for any information regarding this object and Thanx in advance.

    "It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness" - Chinese Proverb
    "Be always at war with ur vices, at peace with ur neighbors and let each New Day find u a better Person"

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    possible help

    Hi there. Condolences.

    Username OverTheTop (Not sure about spaces) seems to be really knowledgeable, I asked for his opinion on something i was selling.
    What's for sale today?