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  • Cigarette Cards

    I have received piles of cigarette cards with images of artists and some even mention south africa.
    I want to know if these are collectables and can I sell them?
    with that I have magazines of the Worls war II which I have listed but am not sure what category or the actual value of them.

    Anyone who knows something about these can help me please

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    Cigarette Cards

    Hi there - re valuation of cigarette cards. This is presently a difficult area in terms of valuation and selling. Best guide to valuation of rare cards and collections that I know of is a publication called Murrays catalogue of cigarette and Trade cards. If you have any complete card sets you should consult this catalogue before selling - they may be much more valuable than you think! I am currently listing a few very old Players & Wills cards, mostly for window dressing and to see if there is any interest out there. No luck so far but these are relatively expensive examples.


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      Cigarete Cards

      On page 58/59 of Collect It! Magazine of April 2009 there is a VERY interesting article on collectin cigarette cards and their values. E-mail me at and I will send it to you at no cost.

      I will send copies to all others that are interested at no cost. I mean ...this is the Christmas season!

      Kind regards

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