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  • Antique Magic Lantern Slides

    I have a batch of about 40 Magic Lantern slides. They are hand painted images and date back to approx c1900. They have been well used and I cannot say what sort of image they will produce when projeted. The colour is still very good on all of the slides. I think they were produced in Germany and depict various images and events of the day...

    Does anyone know what sort of price I could ask for these - or if they are even collectable in South Africa.

    These have been in my husband's family for just over a hundred years now - apparently they used to have the magic lantern, which my Mother-in-Law lent to somone and then the someone proceeded to take it apart and remove the lens - they never saw it again.... :(

    Any information will be appreciated. ThanX

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    These slides sound very interesting and if they have retained their colour a century later, they must be worth quite a bit. Pity about the lantern being dissected! :(
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      I too have a few ML slides, but have yet to list them as I don't know their value.
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