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  • Packing of Framed Paintings

    I intend listing framed oil paintings.

    My problem is the packing of the paintings.

    I would be pleased if anyone can advise me of the best way to pack to avoid damage to the painting or the frame and wwhere in Durban the packaging material can be purchased.

    Alternatively can anyone advise me if there are any packers in Durban who can do the packing and even perhaps the delivery.

    I would be most gtateful for advice.

    Compliments of the Season!


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    packing of paintings for shipping

    Hi Peter, i too am an artist and do a lot of packing for shipping overseas and Nationally. I buy 1,20m X 90cn corogated board (double ans single) it gets delivered to my studio and I make my own boxes for framed paintings. But you need to make corners for the frames and also use bubble wrap for the front of the painting. If the painting is very heavy you need to use the double corogated or use extra board for the front and back of the box. I have shipped by 'seamail' paintings of 15-18kgs and arrived safely within 6-7 weeks. I use fillament tape, not your normal brown tape for securing the box. But for lighter boxes you can use a lot of the normal brown tape. I hope it helps you and good luck!


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      Packing o Paintings

      Dear Easel

      Thank you for your posting and the good advice contained therein.




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        As an art dealer i find the best way is to just take it to Post Net, they tend to have lots of experience in wrapping and protecting art, and I have had no problems.



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          I have bought a number of framed items with glass and no matter how well the seller has packed the item it always arrives with the glass broken maybe look at a way to secure the glass


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            Well the recent painting I bought was wrapped in two sheets of newspaper with some THIN corrugated cardboard around it. The glass survived the trip in the flimsy packaging but the frame was badly damaged and I was not amused! (This packaging was despite my having requested, separately, that the picture be carefully and properly protected!)
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