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  • Trying to value and identify two paintings

    Hi There
    I have two paintings that I have inherited and I cant seem to find any information about the artists or the paintings them selves.

    The one is done by Siem De Hoon.

    The other is an oil painting depicting a french street scene there is a signature on it but all i can make out is the first three letter "corr"

    French setting with corr

    I have manged to work out the signature and it says Gordes.

    The research I have done points to a small town in France where alot of the masters did there training and work.
    So I dont know if that is the artist or a description of the town.
    I have not found an artist with the name Gordes.

    It could be Gordes or Gordeo.

    The signature is in the bottom left hand cornner.

    Lanscape signed Siem De hoor or Hoon

    Please could somebody help me out and give me any information about the paintings.

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    You could try to find Anthony Riley sometimes at the Hospice market in Houghton Joburg, he is incredible and has a knowledge on all art and if he doesnt know, he has reference books to look up.


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      Hi AES

      Could you please give me this Athony Riley's Telephone Number as I want to find out more about my art in my house