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  • can any1 advise on BMW X5 DIESEL problems

    hi there
    was wondering if any1 has experienced problems with their bmw x5 3.0 diesel. I have heard so many people say that the turbo and/or injectors are extemely costly, so motorplan is a must. Does any1 also know of where we can obtain cheaper bmw spares. I just feel bmw is ripping us off with their spare part prices. It seems as though the parts are designed to only last a certain kilometres and then pack up.
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    Cheaper parts are not the way to go here!!

    Your problems start and end with the quality of diesel available in our country
    It will make your vehicle parts only last a certain time

    The new age diesel enjines in all makes of vehicles are not made for our low grade fuels and therefore -------PROBLEMS :x

    The other issue with Diesel in our country at the pumps are that it is not regulated in as far as price goes.
    Therefore the garage owners are buying the low grade (high sulpher content) diesel and selling it at any price.

    Very few people in SA know that we do get a lower sulpher diesel, but at a little higher price,

    I know of only one oil company that give you the option of filling your tank with a little better diesel or the bad one!!!!!

    Still our diesel in this country is of poor quality so be aware!


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      diesel and engine problems

      you are quite right, i have been told to rather use the more expensive diesel - seems we are getting ripped off both ways
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