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  • Value of Carpentry books

    Hello all. I have a set of Carpentry books Volumes 1 to Six. They are named Joinery and Carpentry by Hancock,Corkhill and Dowset. The six editions were printed by, The New Era Publishing Co.Ltd. England.They cover all aspects of Joinery and carpentry, from vol.1 the selection and use of tools, to vol six, which covers Ship Joinery. They are well illustrated, and comprehensive. I think they were printed around 1927, but cannot be certain. They are in good condition, with no pages missing, and the tissue type fold out diagrams are mint. I want to sell the set, but have no Idea as to the value, and dont want to list them to Cheaply or to expensive. Ed

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    Hi, have just seen your thread and wondered if you still have the books.... long shot, I know, but! I am interested.
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