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    Hi All

    Not sure I'm posting this in the right forum but here goes... if I'm wrong I'm sure the Administrator will put me right!

    I am an author, having published two books on butterflies through Struik New Holland and co-written another published by Umdaus. I learned to use Adobe InDesign when doing this and as I'm an experienced digital photographer, I decided posters offered a potential extra revenue stream. I spent some time designing a couple of examples and have had a very positive response from people who've seen A2 prints.

    But... SNH doesn't publish posters. So I started looking around. CNA and Exclusive Books only deal with one poster publisher and my editor warned me off that guy in pretty strong terms - apparently he makes all the dough, does all his own designing and the photographer/artist gets ridiculously low royalties. I want to do my own designs.

    I tried They told me that to sell through them I need what they call a 'robust distribution channel' and recommended Booksite Africa and On the Dot Logistics. Both looked good on their sites but they came back to me saying sorry they didn't handle posters. Seems a bit short sighted on their side.

    So I came to have a look at BoB. I have spent some time trawling through the Forums and can't seem to find anything that fits what I want to do. CAN you self-publish through BoB? How do you handle the requirement to re-list every 7 days? Can anyone help me?


    Steve Woodhall

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    Hi African Butterflies

    Welcome to the Forum.

    I am sure you should be able to sell through this site. As this type of item will require quite a bit of liaison between the buyer and the seller (yourself), I would suggest that you set up your listings as "classified" listings which will allow your buyers to contact you. The other types of listings may not contain any contact details before the sale takes place. The classified listings cost R50.00 a time as far as I know and I think you can set it to run for a month at a time.

    I hope you succeed.


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      Thanks! I'll go and have a look.




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        Originally posted by AfricanButterflies View Post
        Hi All

        How do you handle the requirement to re-list every 7 days?
        Hi Steve

        You can let it run longer than 7 days.. up to 21 days on auction and possibly a smidge longer on buy-now.. There's an automated system allowing you to relist - it has several re-listing options.
        What's for sale today?