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  • How can I promote my business on Bidorbuy?

    I have a new business which is a venue for therapy, counselling, coaching, workshops, group work and courses.

    This means that I offer a venue for therapists and teacher etc. for an hourly or daily fee. Furthermore, we market the courses and other offerings to the public.

    I would like to list the venue for hire and the various courses and therapies but I have no idea how to approach this on Bidorbuy.

    I searched for courses on Bidorbuy and found almost nothing relevant. I saw that some people have classified ads - I tried that but it did not show with my other listings.

    I see that there is a 'wellness' subcategory but it refers to physical health and I am in the mental wellness sector.

    Advice anyone?
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    Items I have for sale.

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    Thinking outside the box:)

    Hi... i know you asked that question a long time ago... but i still have a suggestion. you do get clients i suppose,on bidorbuy i mean. and some Of them may be interested in your business offering. don't spam anyone but subtly put a note in your packages When you send it out(only for people in your area), now what most people don't realise is the impact that can have... If you do that they will be word Of mouth advertising... maybe I'm wrong. . .


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      Thank you for your response!

      Not a bad idea at all!
      Buying used goods is a higher form of recycling
      Items I have for sale.


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        You can build a website or blog for your business and promote.
        This is how I start it and then build online business and now I do internet marketing
        and teach other people how to build online business.
        Like that you can send a link of your website in each email you send
        and place a Classified Ad.


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          Perhaps have a link (your logo) on all listings directing people to your Therapy listing.

          If my memory is correct, the classified should show with your other listings.
          Items I have for sale.

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