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  • Camping Stuff

    We're just back from our dream camping holiday from South Africa, through Botswana and Zambia to Ngorogoro Crater and back through Malawi and Mozambique.

    It will be a while before we will be able to take such a long camping trip again, so a lot of our equipment is to be sold.

    First up is our brand new mobile satelite phone. It was preloaded with R1000 of airtime and we've made about 3 calls with it. Mom just had to speak with the kids back home and we think it is essential for emergencies. View the auction at

    Second is to be a camping trailer. This is not the actual trailer that we took along, but one we prepared for the trip. It has new bearings, shock absorbers and we've had the insides rubberised. Then a week before we left we got a larger aluminium trailer with run-in brakes, which we took along. View the auction at

    We have lots more stuff to be sold and will list them soon.

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    Have you still got the phone up forsale. If you have you can pm me a contact number
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      Sadly it has been sold.


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        Hi All

        Please note - exchanging contact details via the forum is not allowed.

        Thank you