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  • Cellphone Repairs FREE QUOTE UNBEATABLE PRICES. full guarant

    Cellphone Repairs FREE QUOTE UNBEATABLE PRICES. full guarantee

    Repair with PEACE OF MIND :

    * Forgot / lost your security code?? send it to us
    * Is your handset country locked to another network? send it to us
    * LCD screens (we are the cheapest and dont charge for labour)
    * not charging problems
    * software bugs
    * software solutions
    * water damaged? other places wont even touch your phone, we will fix it.
    * liquid damaged / corrosion damage? send the phone to us.
    * speaker fautly
    * mic faulty
    * not charging
    * software upgrades R99.00 (guaranteed the cheapest) full guarantee
    * ask your questions / queries here on the listing, once satisfied with the quote BUY NOW.
    * buy now and send the handset in and be suprised by our low rates and great service.
    * Software upgrades and software bugs fixed to most makes and models of handsets,
    * ship the phone to us @R15.50 we will quote then repair it for you and ship it back too.

    all discussions on the forum please :)

    heres the link :

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    Re: Cellphone Repairs FREE QUOTE UNBEATABLE PRICES. full gua

    have a nokia n91 and needs a new housing/cover spoken to tech in my
    area and he said he must get from china


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      Hi there,
      please go to teh add and click "contact the seller"
      many thanks