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  • Generic Iphones any good?

    Hey guys..

    I see there is a flurry of "generic" iphone/touchscreen phones floating around here nowadays..any one actually bought/used any of these?

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    Generic Phones

    I've also seen lots of Generic phones for sale at really low prices. :o
    When you check on the warranty, you'll find out that it's not even applicable in South Africa.
    I've never actually seen/used one, so I don't know if they're any good.


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      They are terrible phones that are from China. They work for about a month or 2.

      The original Apple Iphone is the best and none of them even come close to the original.


      Bullion Vault


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        agree with Bullion Vault,

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          Please read attached link about fake Fapple Fones....

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            No substitute for the real thing... But at the price they ought to be good...


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              Except, as per Bullion Vault - they Only Work For A Month Or 2.... so... define good? :D
              What's for sale today?


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                i have the sciphone i68 which is i think a clone of iPhone (actually i think the i9 is the original clone and mine is the clone of the i9), well the only thing i cannot get on this phone at the moment is mxit and decent games other than that it works well although the battery life is useless (thats why they give you 2).
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                  thanks fot this info, i nearly bought this fone but didnt trust its reliability. Vodacom doesnt support it and where would we take it for repairs? Its basically for looks and not for performance......

                  I dont like these dual phones:o


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                    I bought one of these phones. Cant get the the internet to work. Supplier sent me the setting but still cant get it right. Anyone know how to do it?


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                      I sell these phones myself, especially the iphone clones.

                      The phone is obviously made in China by almost any factory there and although made by different factories they look and work the same. The difference is quality from different manufacturers and prices, but they work teh same.
                      If you want a phone that you can have 2 sim cards, its works well in that aspect. But if you need a phone for internet, games, JAVA apps, it will give you problems if you are not sort of a techie and an explorer. I think it depends on the user, they do last for sometime but you will have problems with battery covers and this and that due to material quality. I have used some for a while during testing and then sell it as second hand and it would continue to work and well I havent had a return on the second hand.

                      Internet settings are also a problem, especially lately as you cant download them from the internet and Vodacom has stopped sending settings for specific phone as they want the phone to be detected by their system which becomes unknown and they cant send settings.
                      The phones uses settings similar to Nokia 2610/2690, I had one that Vodacom detected as a Nokia 2690. I also used settings for a Sony Ericsson P990i with no problem. Now you need to insert settings manually and unless you are sort of a techie or explorer you cant survive.

                      General comment, I think most buyers expect too much from it and get disappointment. I always tell my buyers I cannot guarantee JAVA will work as I am sure Mxit is a problem. I have managed to use Opera MINI only and the games work and some dont.
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