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  • Rich Man, Poor Man - do your research ...

    With the soccer hype hitting SA, I don't think many are reading our forum currently, but for the hard core supporters (of COINS not soccer!) here are some observations ....

    I am not a ZAR collector but have done some research on prices realized for graded ZAR coins over the last 3 or 4 months on Bid-or-Buy (NGC and PCGS graded coins)

    I observed some really LARGE fluctuations on the SAME grades - some bidders surely lost out OR others scored big time - I would not know as, like I said, I am not a ZAR expert or collector ...

    Look at this ...

    ZAR Three Pence (3d) 1893 MS62 = R17 850 and another one sold for R14 600 - difference on the SAME grade coin of R3250 - a difference of 22%

    ZAR Three Pence (3d) 1895 AU 50 = R2500 and another one for R4870 = the difference on the SAME grade coin of R2370 - a difference of 94%

    ZAR Shilling 1892 VF35 = R1410 and another one for R500, a difference on the SAME grade coin of R910 = the difference being 180%

    ZAR Shilling 1894 XF45 = R1050 and another one for R2400 - a difference of R1350 - the difference being 128%

    ZAR Half Crown 1892 XF40 = R1453 and another one for R3100 - a difference of R1647 - the difference being 113%

    ZAR Half Crown 1895 XF40 = R3030 and another one for R5161 - a difference of R2131 - the difference being 70%

    ZAR Half Pond 1894 XF45= R4001 and another one for R6000 - a differnce of R1999 - the difference being 50%

    ZAR Pond 1894 XF40 = R3951 and another one for R6048 - a difference of R2097 the difference being 53%

    So from a few examples I tracked over a few months on Bid-or-Buy, the prices realized for coins in EXACTLY THE SAME GRADE had differences (top and bottom price for the SAME graded COIN) of: 22%, 94%, 180%, 128%, 113%, 70%, 50% and 53%.

    Like I said - some bidders must have scored big time and others lost out red faced - the lesson for me is do your homework VERY WELL before bidding on coins (even graded coins) - there are lots of money to be made for informed investors but for the uninformed some heavy losses to bear...

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    Tracking prices...

    Wonderfully presented information on some of the ZAR prices and grades Pierre Henri, thanks!

    Have been tracking and recording a number of prices for the past several months and have also noticed some fascinating discrepancies between end prices of similar, or apparently "identical", items - even within the same week or two.

    One of the strongest possible reasons (or indicators) I have noticed is the presence of terms such as (but not limited to) "scarce" and/or "rare" in the auction advertising. For some reason these terms appear to provoke a bidding frenzy amongst a high diversity of bidders - newbies as well as folks with some fairly significant ratings. The rarity of the actual item is moot in many cases and in some other cases is actually (in my humble opinion) blatantly false advertising.
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    "Truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."


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      Thanks Pierre,
      A great help as I want to start accumulating ZAR Coins...a good insight as to what to pay.:)
      My age is but an irrelevant number !
      Items I am selling.


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        We've had a few auctions of "rare" and "valuable" R20 notes that clearly proves your hypothesis, MsPlod. Product is irrelevant, marketing is everything.
        Obligatory link to my listings.


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          Be Sure before Bidding ....

          Product is irrelevant, marketing is everything.
          Exactly -that is way one must do your "homework" before bidding on anything on Bid-or-Buy

          Don't get caught out by fancy words like "this is so rare" and "that is seldom seen" ---

          ALWAYS be aware of the going prices before pressing that dangerous last button called "ARE YOU SURE ?" before placing your bid .......



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            404% difference

            As I am tracking ZAR prices realized over the past few months, I just saw the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE for EXACTLY the SAME GRADED (NGC) coin on BoB.

            A 1896 ZAR shilling in AU50 condition sold for R1250. A few weeks later ANOTHER 1896 ZAR Shilling in EXACTLY the same grade of AU50 sold for an incredible R6301 on the 29th of June - a difference of 404%

            Don't get me wrong - the sellers did nothing wrong - selling a coin graded by a respected company leaves not much further to be said by the seller.

            But many a buyer is burning his or her hard earned money very seriously.

            I think the time is on hand for someone to publish a coin catalogue based on ACTUAL SALE PRICES realized, say over the last 6 months, on an internet auction site like BoB.

            That is the right thing to do.



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              Hi Pierre

              This is exactly what The CoinGuide does - we have actual sales prises realized going back all the way to January 2009.



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                Hi Danilo

                When will it be available?

                "Look in the past for all that is good and beautiful, take that for your ideal and build on it your future".
                Items I am selling.


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                  We are in the throws of completing it. Around 80-90% done.

                  Don't want to commit to a date just yet, but will be inviting all BOB users and collectors etc to a conference venue to discuss and have a look.

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                    Hope I will be invited?


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                      sure :)


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                        Will you be including token coins?

                        Kind regards

                        Scott Balson


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                          Hi Scott

                          As discussed we will look to add tokens in as soon as the site is up and functioning. We are focusing on the core work at the moment but this is an area that we can "add" onto the site at a later stage.

                          Will be in touch.