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  • Help identifying coin please

    Hi all,

    I could not find this coin from Herns Book
    Could someone please identify this coin for me??? Mintage ???
    I've had it for several years, but no idea what it is Mintage or what it's worth (if anything)

    Milennium 1/4 Oz Gold

    Metal Content: Au 916.67 Cu 83.33
    Diameter 2.00 mm
    Obverse Modeling: MJ Scheepers
    Reverse Modeling: MJ Scheepers

    Thank U
    Multi Collection
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    I have a few of these which was part of a collection lot I bought some two years ago, They are all in capsules and kept them for their beauty.

    However these are not coins but medals and I would guess only Bullion Value plus a small percentage collectors value. Lets us hope someone has an answer for us on mintages as the guys at the mint was not helpfull when I made enquiries at the time.
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      Hi , the best option would be to speak to sandy at the south African mint. ( the coin looks like it was made at the sa mint)

      Mail her the picture and she is quite helpfull with mintage figures ,
      Small warning though they don't like to see there coins graded so edit your photo.