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  • Selling of BoB after dealing with a buyer on BOB????

    Originally posted by qball View Post
    Off site trading is not permitted. If we are presented with evidence that deals are being concluded off the site between buyers and sellers after making contact on bidorbuy, we will take the necessary action against the user.

    Thank you

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    Please clarify your statement as this is very vague. How can BoB have any claim on transactions that takes place between seller and buyers after being introduced here on BoB. This is a collectors hobby and as such we all deal with each other, sometimes by buying or bidding for a specific piece and sometimes a seller may have an item which he knows I have been looking for and I will buy this directly from such a seller, after being introduced here ON BoB.

    Does this now mean that if I sold a 2010 50 cent for 50 cents to someone here on BoB and I get to know the seller and befriend him as a collector, get to know that he is looking for a Veldpond and then offer him such a piece of BoB, BoB "will take action" and how will BoB handle such a transaction if you are given proof theroff?
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    It's very simple. Most sellers make contact with buyers on bidorbuy - granted, and if they decide to conclude further business off the site there is very little we can do. Logically if I were a seller and wanted to sell more items to that buyer (after an initial purchase), I would do it off bidorbuy, so as not to pay fees/comm and we are aware that many sellers do this. Although it is difficult to police this and enforce it, we have a problem with users registering on the site, not selling anything, but would rather make contact via our forum, via PM's to conclude deals off the site. Contact is initially made on bob, and then the sale goes offsite. If it weren't for bob, the contact may not have been made, a sale would not have transpired, and obviously bob is prevented or denied success fees for the sale. I am aware of many users utilising the PM system to make offers and conclude sales off the site.

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