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  • Another only one in the world R5 Error Coin!

    How Unique, The only one of these ever found, Again.:p

    I suppose its unique to this particular garding company?
    The seller should come here, we've got lost of these eror coins, even some with Glue and rust!

    Other Mandela Coins - NELSON MANDELA 2008 BIRTHDAY MINT ERROR GRADED WEAK STRIKE R5 Coin - FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY for sale in Portugal (ID:24487114)

    'MINT ERROR WEAK STRIKE 2008 Nelson Mandela Birthday Coin , just look at the pictures and see the poor quality of reverse strike on this coin , in our opinion a highly attractive and rare coin to have .'

    What? Poor quality is attractive now?
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    In his opinion it is... :)


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      I feel that if it was an error coin it would have been graded as such.


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        funny I enjoyed that one
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