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  • Would you pay R39 postage plus bid cost?

    For two coins worth R4.00, am I not understanding something? Would someone really bid on these two coins AND pay R39.00 for postage?
    / TION_one_bid_for_two_coins.html

    Auction number 25542301 refers.
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  • #2
    oh lily you and me might not but there seems to some buyers out there that does not mind paying these ridiculous postage amounts:o i think some sellers really take advantage of buyers:(


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      I usualy include the postage into my budget to bid for a coin. Thus if postage is R30 and I'm willing to pay R100 for a coin.. My max bid is R70...
      I would also look for more coins from the same seller. and bid on a few more. If a seller wants extra money per coin, I usualy see them as a scam and don't bid.

      Bid smart.


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        Thats a good point Zelf is making if you buy more coins does the postage stay he same or does this seller increase the postage every time,
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          Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some people(like myself) like certain coins and are willing to pay whatever for them, at least the have a certain intrinsic value and are not plastic placebo's which don't do anything I suppose.
          I look at all the coins I collect and throw the total postage into the mix and divide it up that way, it does not seem so bad then.
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