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  • Wanted: Union Coins

    Hi everyone

    I am looking for the following union coins:

    1931 florin
    1948 shilling and florin
    1949 halfcrown
    1950 florin and halfcrown

    Please let me know if you have any of the following coins and let me know the price you want for them. PM me if you wish.

    I would prefer if it also if you could make it a "buy now" on BoB.

    Also note that I Do Not want the coins to be graded and the condition of the coin does not really matter, well except if it looks like a dog has eaten it.

    :D Many Thanks. :D
    :D Veto111 :D

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    Good luck finding a 1931 florin, I have heard of others but seen exactly ONE in my 12 years of collecting SA coins.

    On the others, I have owned all of them in mint state exceot the 1949 2/6 which I declined to buy on several occassions. I do not recall seeing any of them in circulated grades though they might have been listed on BoB and I just misssed them.


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      Well i'll never get it if I dont at least try...

      A few potential sellers have PM'ed me with coins they want to sell, some haven't told me which ones so all i can do is cross my fingers. And if some1 has the 1931 florin, i don't think i would give a damn in what condition its in, coz i don't think i'll get another chance to own it.
      I'm interested to know why you chose not to get the 1949 halfcrown? Can't think of a reason why you wouldn't...


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        The 1931 florin is a coin worth owning in any "presentable" grade with the crtieria you use. If I were to pay "big money" for any coin, this one would definitely be on my list. It is vastly scarcer and in my opinion, more desirable than the other coins you are trying to buy.

        I have no problem with the 1949 2/6 obviously, since I owned the others and its a comporable coin. When I had an opportunity to buy it, I simply either did not want to spend the money or there were other coins I wanted more.

        I'm not buying much of anything now but if I were, I doubt I would be interested in buying this coin in the condition I would want given what I would likely have to pay. I believe an NGC MS-61 sold recently on BoB for about R4000 or thereabouts. While I did not have an opportunity to inspect the coin in person, most KGVI MS-61 are not partciularly attractive coins. Given what some other scarcer issue KGVI coins in decent MS grades have sold for (say, in the MS-63 and MS-64 grades), I would expect that it would sell for more than I think the coin is worth. I would rather buy some of the coins in my other series instead for the same money or less. Though I would prefer an MS coin, if an AU-58 were available for a lot less like a lot of other Union coins seem to be, I might consider one in that grade. It would possibly look better than an MS-61.
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