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  • Searching for "Coins by Mail"

    Hi.. I'm looking for the contact details for the BOB user Coins by mail. If annyone can help me.
    He/She has some R1 coins for sale and they are going to be gone when I come back on Monday.
    The sales close today.

    I would like "coins by mail " to keep some specific coins for me to buy as I can afford them.

    I have a coin collection of 223 unique coins from South Africa and Abroud. I need only 94 specific SA coins and will then have a Full set of South African Coins. Meaning.. I will have all the coins minted in South Africa.. From the ZAR -> union of SA -> RSA 2010.

    Coin collecting is so much fun. The research is almost the most fun.

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    Unfortunately you may not give out or receive contact details until an order has been placed or you are the winning bidder on the items you have bid on. You can ask the seller, via the Q&A for information or details on coins you are looking for, and the seller will have to list them on the site for sale so you can purchase them.

    Kind regards


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      Contact details

      I always have Rands available - tell me on this forum what you need and I (and lots of other sellers) will list them for you.

      coins by mail


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        I'll create a tread of what I need. The moderators can then delete this one.
        Thanks for the replies.