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  • Help needed on establishing coin prices!

    Hi ALL

    I have a coin but donno what is it
    Anyone could please tell me is this pure gold or not?? weight?? price??

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    Not a hundred percent sure but this looks like a gold plated commemorative coin, not a fine gold coin, those markings are not familiar in any way, best advice is to take it to a jeweler and ask for it to be tested to see if it is gold and not plated.
    What is its dimensions? is it quite heavy for its size?
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      This is no coin but a medal

      1997 World Food Day, themed Investing in Food Security

      Designer is Abd El Kalik Yhia

      It is a FAO or Food and Agruculture Organization of the United Nations Medal

      Most probably brass but still have it tested as I do not know if this issue was in Gold as well.
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