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  • Playing the man and not the ball on the forum (and other places).

    Hi All,

    The numismatic fraternity has always been a very passionate and valued section of the bidorbuy community and I believe it will stay this way in the future. This group has been characterised by their passion for their field and this sometimes lead to disagreements. Though this is normally settled in a civilized manner it seems that in the past couple of weeks things are getting a bit out of hand.

    I have been contacted by numerous parties and have received numerous complaints regarding some posts and listings on certain topics. In my view this has been simmering for a while and I am sure that our forum is just one platform where people try to drive certain agendas.

    Our forum is a place where likeminded individuals can get together and share thoughts and ideas on topics (in this category Numismatics and not people). Certain bidorbuy members have been removed from the forum in the past for various infractions and as such do not have the right of reply on topics that might concern them. Other members have taken advantage of this situation to post comments and views knowing that the others do not have the right of reply to defend their views.

    Whether their view is right or wrong in this case is irrelevant. But this led to this topic spilling over onto the main bidorbuy site where people are now selling their arguments and counter arguments in pdf format (free shipping of course:-). Both sets punting their version of the truth, calling the other camp names like frauds, idiots, and the like. And it seems that quite a few others have been caught in the crossfire because people can not play nice with each other.

    As a result of this, various listings have been removed from bidorbuy because their content violated our listing policy and the severity and the number of infringements of our listing policy could affect some of these users ability to list on our platform going forward.

    So just to be clear going forward: Our platform is a place to buy and sell goods and not to air dirty laundry and settle scores. Our forum is a platform to engage on topics and to share common passion regarding subjects (in this case numismatics). Every one is more than welcome to discuss their point of view on a subject but this is not the place to try and settle personal scores and to discredit others.

    So on our forum you are all more than welcome to participate and play the ball, but playing the man is not something that we find constructive. It certainly detracts from the great things that users like to share with each other. It is also worth noting that what you say about others in a public forum such as our forum (or lately in our listings) is in the public domain. Your views could be open to legal challenge and you might have to personally account for what you say about others.

    So please continue to share with the community in a positive manner.


    Johan du Toit

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    Johan, I fully concur with your views and thank you for seeing the bigger picture and bringing this issue to an end.

    Our hobby (Numismatics) is bigger than all of us.



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      Ja well, its a pity after the ongoing smear campaign against me here by Scott Balson

      The Police officer with whom I serve on the South African Police Second Hand Forum, and whom I contacted about Balsons imminent arrest when he was about to grace our shores, was shot last week on a unrelated case in Durbanville.

      Life is short folks - be honest and be kind

      The truth shall set you free