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  • PF vs. MS Which are the best ?

    Hi All, Anyone could please tell me about PF and MS which are the best ?

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    Various Articles on the net.

    Uncirculated or MINT STATE coins

    Uncirculated coins or 'mint state' coins are coins that collectors have placed aside and have never passed from hand to hand. This term entails that they are the closest to the state of the original coins available from the mint at the time of minting. Collectors and investors most aggressively pursue coins that are in a condition closest to that of when they were first struck off the minting press. These are the most valuable coins to have in any collection, second only to specimen and proof coins. Uncirculated coins are graded with ten different grades from Mint State 60 to Mint State 70. Mint State 60 is the lowest grade and Mint State 70 is the highest grade. The grades are denoted as MS-60, MS-61, MS-62, MS-63, MS-64, MS-65, MS-66, MS-67, MS-68, MS-69 and MS-70.

    Proof Coins

    Proof Coins are the highest quality striking of a coin that mints can press. There is a long tradition of these coins being awarded to dignitaries and VIP’s. These coins are struck on carefully prepared and polished dies. They are often struck many more times than regular coins in order to make the impressions sharper. The coins also have a mirror effect, with the background behind the image appearing ‘mirror like’. Our proof gold coins are referred to as ‘liquid gold’ as they are in such great condition. The difference between a proof coin and a regular coin is like day and night. Proof coins are graded with ten different grades from Proof 60 to Proof 70. Proof 60 is the lowest grade and Proof 70 is the highest grade. The grades are denoted as PR-60, PR-61, PR-62, PR-63, PR-64, PR-65, PR-66, PR-67, PR-68, PR-69 and PR-70.


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      Originally posted by multi collection View Post
      Hi All, Anyone could please tell me about PF and MS which are the best ?
      What is your definition of "best"?

      In terms of which is more desirable, it will generally depend upon which is scarcer. Proof mintages are always lower (I am aware of no exception though there may be some) but because they were not made for circulation, they are frequently more common in high grade than business strikes.

      Take an issue like the 1949 SA proof shilling. It "only" has a mintage of 800 but that coin is not remotely scarce. I would expect that at least 95% of them still exist and judging by the census population, a high proportion exist in better proof grades. I would easily estimate that not a single Union shilling will have as many comporable uncirculated specimens as the 1949. Its just that most collectors incorrectly believe the coin to be scarce because it has no MS counterparts and are willing to pay a premium for it.