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  • The next step in your investment in numismatics

    As a lifelong hobbyist in South African numismatics many years ago I found the following catalysts happening in my life.

    - a desire to find out more about the history of the people who used the coins, and
    - the historical impact of the coins on that fledgling economy.

    Through these catalysts, I have been able to hold the coin in my hand and fully appreciate and share its unique and remarkable history.

    For me to achieve this outcome I had to expand my area of interest in collectables… which now includes a large related collection of:
    - old maps
    - old documents
    - old books
    - original signatures and, of course,
    - coins and bank notes

    Thanks to the mystique of the Strachan tokens and the manner in which they drew me into the history of the Griqua, the people that best represent the Rainbow Nation, I was, after years of groundbreaking research, able to put some of my own findings on the record with my own book “Children of the Mist” (2007).

    Everyone of us has a particular niche that has stimulated our love for numismatics – expanding that focus to embrace all areas related to the coins we hold so dear, I believe, is the next natural step in our education, evolution and interest.

    And there are some very real benefits in taking that next step if you are an investor. Through my specialist interest I have, thanks to my specialist knowledge, been able to use many online specialist websites to purchase hundreds of related items at a fraction of their real cost.

    Just a small portion of these are in the numismatic area.

    Kind regards

    Scott Balson
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    Hi Scott
    I'd just like to let you know that if ever I start collecting coins it will be all your fault.
    Your passion for your tokens (and my country's history) is inspiring and I read all your posts with avid interest.
    Thank you
    Items I have for sale.

    Why do today what you can put off till next year?


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      Hi Mandy

      Good to hear from you.

      In this new global village we call earth "your" country is "my" country.

      My spirit lies in Africa, the place of my birth. There are millions of ex-pat Africans like me who now reside in all corners of this earth but still proudly call Africa our home.

      Ironically my "real home" is Tanzania the cradle of mankind .. my roots take me through human evolution to the Khoi and San who travelled south and who are the tribes closest related to the earliest evolution of H-o-m-o Sapiens. While a few San still live in their natural environment the Khoi have disappeared - except for their genes which now live through the Griqua.

      The Griqua are the unrecognised heart of the Rainbow Nation. What they faced, the coins they have embraced since the 1870s in many ways embody the union of the ancient with "modern" society. A unique and special union embodied in an amazing post-1652 history!

      Look no further than the missionaries Dr Livingstone, Robert Moffat and John Campbell or the explorers like La Vaillant, Burchell, MacDonald and Barrow.

      They talk of a world where the universe was in perfect balance and a key part of that balance was the Khoi and San who fell victim to the greed of European colonisation.

      Kind regards

      Scott Balson
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