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  • NGC Grading Returns

    Hi Guys

    After finally sending some coins for grading 2.5 months ago I finally got my parcel back 2 days ago. Some decent(PF70) grades on proteas and ms 63 on mandela birthdays.

    However my parcel was opened by customs(sars) and sealed by sars(as per the sticker over it).

    I had to pay vat and customs clearence on it.Is this normal practice?
    None of my coins were missing. Thank goodness NGC marked the parcel correctly!

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    If the procudure you followed to "export for re-import" your coins was NOT done properly you will end up paying VAT and Customs clearance. However the customs official was probably in a good mood as they would under such circumstances also hold your parcell and charge you import duties as well.
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      As per my experience, they only charge you VAT on the cost of the grading...