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  • Apple iMac listing

    I've looked at the "buy now" & "auction" success fees & it just states between 1 - 5% of the value of the sale. I'm pretty green still with selling on BoB so any help would be appreciated: I have a 20.5" (almost new) Apple iMac - which is better for selling a higher ticket item? Please help..

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    This depends on what risk you are willing to take to sell your item, auction is riskier, but you may obtain a higher price, Buy Now is a set price and the buyer buys it at that set price. Either way the fees will be charged on the final amount.

    Hope this helps?


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      Thanks. I haven't had much luck before - obviously because I haven't sold much & buyers are a bit apprehensive. Will list as a buy now as the item is really almost brand new & don't want to lose too much more than I have to.