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  • Green Apple out of action :-(

    Hello All

    I am relativley new to the forum and wish to appologise to any of my clients that we affected during my spell at the hospital. I had taken ill and had to spend a couple of weeks in and out of hospital. I would just get well enough to leave, then bang, back again! The worst is over and I am trying to get back to my normal life again. Unfortunalty some of my buyers were effected during this time and I promise to get everything sorted out in the next few days.

    Kind regards, Green Apple

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    That's all you can do Green Apple - life happens!!! Good luck, I am sure the majority of your buyers will understand.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better though. Take care!


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      Well you will do well here, getting advice on how to sort out your buyers with a positive out come.

      Hope you recover soon and stay well.

      Take care and good luck!
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        Hope you stay well for a long time to come!
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        Today I am wise and am changing myself.


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          Good luck on sorting out with your buyers You will find that most people is very understanding ecept the ones. Hope your health problems is now sorted
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