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  • Warning - Beware of cheap laptops being advertised

    Hi All

    Please take care when dealing with new users to forum advertising cheap laptops, they may be scammers looking to conclude deals off the site. If they ask you to PM them, please do so with caution, we cannot help you if you transact off the site with these people.

    Kind regards

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    Hi Cuan,

    there is a user "edomingoz" from overseas offering charger. Is it safe to deal with this person?


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      Hi Trade Route Mall,

      He is disabled for now, so wait till he is enabled again, and please remind him that all sales have to go through bob and not in PM's on the forum.

      Thank you.
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        Sure, will do that.


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          This same user tried to sell me Robotech DVDs through the PM system. He said he will only list the items if I agreed to purchase (in dollars too!). Surely this is against the rules.
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            Cheap Laptop

            Hi there, I am really interested in a laptop that is on BOB, but worried it's a scam, how can I check and what guarantees do I have if I do the buy now function with BOB?


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              Originally posted by livesteel View Post
              Hi there, I am really interested in a laptop that is on BOB, but worried it's a scam, how can I check and what guarantees do I have if I do the buy now function with BOB?
              What is the laptop link , and before you buy pm I`ll list the same laptop.. I buy direct from suppliers.
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                reseller of cheap product looking for support

                HI bidorbuy community.

                I have been selling online for some time now . I have my own website , i have a fully verified paypal account for years ....

                I just start selling now on bid or buy . Like so how can i prove to bidorbuy community that i am a legit seller.

                I got happy because i thought bid or buy was acting like a escrow service and keep money until my clients received the product.

                I am happy with that . But am i thinking right or please someone can help me . I want to start slow and gain trust of people ..but how can i do this . I have very good products at very good prices and i think i could also help people to get cheap products.

                I am a honest person and dont like to prejudicate other people.

                Can someone help me and point me in the righ direction please.

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                  The right direction is to the exit, we do not allow links to outside sites here.

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                    thanks for your kind introduction , I just refered the website for people to see it .


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                      Welcome to the forum, alvaroqueirosa64.

                      It is so important for sellers (and buyers) to read all the rules of Bid or Buy before posting their info on the forum or in the ads as it is not allowed.

                      Please stay with BoB if you intend selling on the site - it's the best in the country if not in the world - and you will get all the help you can possibly need. But it is important to follow all the rules. Good luck with your sales.-
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                        I also want to buy a laptop, can you please check if it is a scam or not? Would really appreciate it.

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                          The seller is Verified and is linked to a second account - All ratings received by Brilliant_Tech on