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  • Bad News for Craft Sellers

    Hi Crafters

    My chinese supplier is opening a factory and a website in South Africa. This is bad news for bead sellers, good news for Buyers They possess one of the largest factories in China and and it is going to be difficult to compete with their prices.

    They will be importing in 12 foot containers - This is BAAAD NEWS!

    One good thing though is that they have literally thousands and thousands of goodies that have never been seen here before - so expect a large drop in pricing of beads, findings, threads, packaging, boxing, costume jewellery, organza and other jewellery display.

    Their coza name has been registered and they will have their site functional by late this year (I think they plan on the Xmas market). :(

    So good luck to all us Sellers, the competition is getting stiffer.
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    So long as they are honest and helpful (as are many of the bead sellers on BoB!), they will do good business in SA.

    But if they aren't part of BoB then perhaps they won't affect the good bead sellers here?
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