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  • A Bead is a Bead

    Mmm, just getting more and more confused.

    Methinks I would just prefer to go without the "spacer bead" category - 'cos ANY bead can be a spacer bead.

    My small mind would rather be able to sort it out according the the materials used, apart from the naturals, pearls, etc the rest I just see as
    "Acrylics, Lucites, Plastics",

    Now that would be easy to sort out, never mind whether or not one person saw a certain bead as a spacer bead, or not, would not matter.

    Well, just my thoughts on this.
    "It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness" - Chinese Proverb
    "Be always at war with ur vices, at peace with ur neighbors and let each New Day find u a better Person"