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  • Harping on an old Subject :(

    Hi All

    Oi, tis me again, and back to my gripe with the silver listings.:p Is there any way to get some clarity on listings using words 'silver' to describe the colour as opposed to the actual metal content? And especially in the crafting section.

    I use the word silvertone, and thankfully I notice the majority of experienced sellers do as well. There are so many listings though that describe for example - silver plated, or silver coated, or just plain silver beads and findings, and all of us know for a fact that one would be hard-pressed to source silver (the metal) at the prices offered.

    Like many of you, I know with the same gripe, these listings are killing our sales as the uninformed public see these low prices (on goods that are not as valuable as they are under the impression of being) and buying them rather than the quality goods they are actually looking for.

    Please, can we have a standard set between "silver" and "silvertone" or "silver-coated/plated" and "silvertone-plated/coated"? I am sure that most buyers would know the difference, and also if an item is described as "silver" to have the silver content included in the title or description? After all, we are all Buyers as well that like to know what we are giving out our hard-earned pennies on.

    Please take part in my poll to leave your opinion on this.
    Yes, if it describes the metal - the actual silver content should be listed as well.
    Yes, if it describes the colour - the word "silvertone" or silver-coloured should be used.
    No, not necessary, Buyers know what they are buying, or if not ask the Seller.
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    Perfectly valid point, I am happy to second that. Clarification is needed. Have a look in coins and numismatist and the title silver mandeal medal, same problem there.
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      From a bead seller's point of view, all our listings for "silver" items are either marked / listed as silverplated or .925 sterling silver - which ever is honestly truly applicable.

      There is only one item thus far in our items that is actually acrylic with a metalised finish (ie. silver look) and is listed as such.

      But I do agree, be it under beads or jewellery, it should be stated at the item is! I bought a ring recently listed as "silver", but that was merely the colour I have since discovered!
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        It should be CLEARLY stated what silver the seller is referring to. Too many buyers are duped by Tibetan silver claims, which these days is simply silver plated!
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