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  • By Chance

    Discovered by chance - busy cleaning floor tiles and forgetting I had on a charm bracelet, put my arm in the cleaning water. Bracelet came out stunningly bright. So I decided to test this specific tile cleaner on a few different materials with the following results:

    The best results came from using a sponge and cleaning with the FOAM it produces and not with the liquid itself.
    • wooden beads - no stripping of colours or coatings noticed, but had to make sure only the foam is used to wipe it clean, to much water and the wood swells. Wiped off with a clean very slightly damp cloth. Stunning results!
    • CCB or other metal coatings, on wood, acrylic, glass, etc - WOW!!! made everything look newer than new. Also had to make sure to use the foam only and then rinsed off under cold water and left to hang dry.
    • Metal, brilliant results - had to fiddle around with the concentrations a bit for different types. Really brightens, even plain lead cast goodies. The foam just seems to lift any grunge off.
    • Glass, triple WoW!!
    The product - plain old Cobra Active Tile Cleaner 2 in 1 (Lavender Gardens fragrance). Dilution: I found that as long as foam could be produced using a sponge (as much as a tablespoon to a cupful of water) it worked lovely. I did not try to use undiluted.
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    Cool! Very interesting find. I love using toothpaste and an old toothbrush, it makes my silver and gold jewellery look like new
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