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  • Feathers


    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in feathers for projects, etc.

    They are all coloured (quite an array of colours) and are classified as "turkey flats". I can get hold of marabou feathers too (in many colours).

    I also have a substantial amount of guinea fowl feathers (the birds roost in my tree).

    If there is interest, I will then list the items. To sell as each is slightly ridiculous, but perhaps in bags of 5, 10, 20, etc.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome.

    In addition to the above, I can get hold of ostrich feathers in an array of different colours, plus several other 'feather' related items. (eg. feather boa)

    Thank you,
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    I would like to find out more about the feathers - I would be interested in ones not too fancy and expensive.

    It would be for kids' craft in pre-school.

    Have you got any pictures?




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      Hi Nadia

      I'll have to pull them out for you and to photograph them. My mom & I were just discussing the feathers today - how to package and price them!

      The "small" shop packs are 10 feathers for R5 (standard at most shops), but I wish to sell them in larger packs due to the quantities I have.

      Will let you know soonest.


      PS. I managed to track down a sample photo of what the "turkey flat" feather looks like. The size does vary from 8cm to 12cm.

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        I would definately be interested in the larger quantities. Buying 5 at a time will not be worth it for our purpose.




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          i have a pack of mixed feathers that i market to the pre schools... now if only i can get the pic up it will be great to show u... what was the amount u were looking for and the prise..

          i didnt think any of my pre school art items will be needed on here so i will try and take the pic over the weekend and have some one upload them for me.

          will this help ?? o yea and do u need paint and glue as well ??
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