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  • Sellers Bidding and Buying. Sellers helping Sellers..Here...

    Please be Objective in this! :roll: I know this will surely open up a whole can of worms, but something bothers. Aren't the public suppose to purchase from sellers than the sellers just rotating stock around within bidorbuy? That is why everything still looks the same, the offers are the same and nothing new to attract more customers....

    We've been very new at bidorbuy, but this concerns all the Sellers. Is the volume of the public too low on bidorbuy or do the Sellers play a game to reach a specific goal for their own purposes week in and week out.

    We are really still learning the ropes here, we are not pointing fingers or even accusing anyone, but as we all need to do a bit of market research, we've found that as you go back into the history of buying Crafts here on bidorbuy and if you study every Seller and Buyer, one will find a few so-called buyers {Who are actually a Seller's representative to assit the Seller reaching their goal - just check the is obvious} bid (When Auctioning) only to a specific value, then stops. Really everytime!!!! then someone else takes over and stops and so on and so on....(This is playing games...). These so-called buyers never ends up with the product, but they always only bid in the beginning. Check it out...that is true!

    The funniest of all, today we were still loading pics in the background (We loaded a Title Only! - just to book a space, because lots of products are being listed so that we do not end up on the '80th' we thought...) and when want to publish someone already made a bid, so we could not publish. Now this is very disturbing! We had to delete this bid. When looked at all the bids coming in, we found mostly Sellers! just bidding for the sake of bidding.....this is not what bidorbuy is all about...or Are we wrong?

    Yes, thank you for your business and not complaining, but where are the public or buyers? We cannot be shallow in this and just accept and carry on from week to week...isn't that true. Why didn't someone speak up yet? (I assume because we are new, might have missed it should you have touched this subject)

    Objective: I can't even remember when we Saw or heard of an advert from bidorbuy anywhere...well in KZN that is....that is also a concern of its own.

    Another bother, Sellers also complained that buyers from the same area purchase from Sellers in the same area. Well if it is a new! then great, don't chase the customer away. give the customer a never know if this customer is already a regular customer from the same area in any case.

    We've had a beadshop and have of 300 customers in this area, won't it be nice that all the Sellers within this same industry on bidorbuy get support also from our customers.....never be supicious as some of you have been. Should something bad happened in the past, don't worry we are new on bidorbuy and don't know anything about that....

    Promote bidorbuy in your area and attract new customers to come to the fore....

    Great to have somany wonderful Sellers within the Craft industry, competition is good and we know who specialises in what and it is always good to come up with something new. Change is a good thing! Let us encourage one another...

    Congratulations to all Sellers, we stand in awe of all your stars. Keep going.....and may you grow from strength to strength, but this does not mean that you must continue to bake the bread in the same old oven. Maybe it is time for a new oven... :D

    That is why the following;

    Suggestional Questions:

    Can't all the Sellers allow the public to make their purchase without getting involved at all except for the part of Selling only. When buying to buy away from this industry on bidorbuy if buying on bidorbuy. Buy a Radio or a TV or even a Car...there are so many wonderful products on bidorbuy. In fact over 157000 products were listed last month...

    Secondly, Can't bidorbuy open up a section where Sellers can buy from Sellers at better prices to Re-Sell again? Isn't this a better thought? Now the Sellers can al be busy buying from one another without interfering with the public? and list their own style to the public...

    Now some of you would say, where is the business going to come from then? What about bidorbuy suggest promoting the Sellers more and assist the Sellers promoting bidorbuy within each Sellers Area?

    Now we've spoken our heart out, might have forgotten a few things, but we can always add later. We get business in from all over and everywhere - we have lot's of products to sell - we don't really have a problem, but we are just concerned that the public sees this and thinks that the products stays reasonably the same within the Seller's Circle and that Sellers buys from Sellers so there is no space for them.

    This been a suggestive subject to assist each Seller or because we are new to bidorbuy, please help us right should we be wrong. Leaders are teachable and will not be offended.

    Please remember, this subject must always stay Objective, Discussion point and Brainstorming. Let us talk as friends and find a common solution without throwing the baby out of the cot. At least we are all in the same boat and have the same goal.

    Thank You for the Opportunity to chat about this.

    Can't wait to hear from for now...
    As a Seller will from now on commit myself to a solution & contribute in this forum.
    Can bidorbuy please create a Seller to Seller Option?
    Can bidorbuy help me to market Me & bidorbuy, in my area?
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    Mmm... yip this can most certainly open up a can of proverbial worms!

    I'll start by adding my 10c worth to cover my actions...

    Firstly, there is nothing wrong with sellers supporting other sellers for what ever their reasons may be. Personally I support other sellers for two reasons - number one being I try to pick up a bargain (I put in a maximum autobid - if I get the item under that price hooray, if I get outbid then tough luck), number two being that sometimes I want to buy beads for myself when I make my own projects. In other words, be it an online shop or a physical shop, when I want something for my own personal use, I do not take stock from my own shop but rather support another bead seller (mostly on Bob, a handful of physical shops in PE).

    On the note of "bargains" - these bead packs that I purchase from other bead sellers are divided up and distributed amongst my customers as freebies / gifts and are not resold!

    Secondly, virtually from day one of me selling on BoB, I have supported a number of bead sellers who in turn are also customers of mine. Countless times we have all been accused of shill bidding and "running" (ie. pushing up the prices on each other's items), all in vain. I have good business relationships with bead sellers' Ruby Tuesday Trading, Bead Mania Crafts, Montrose, MK Jewels, etc - I've bought from all of them, and they've all bought from me. All fantastic people and recommended sellers / buyers!

    So, where is the problem?

    Every single bob user has the right and freedom to choose who he or she supports! This does not mean that anyone is "rotating" stock... I for one get new buyers rather frequently. But I must add though that I have bid on the listings of JCA Beads, but if he / she does not want me to, then they just need say so.

    Besides, as a seller bidding on another seller's items - should this not make you feel good that another seller recognises the quality of your product? If I see an item I like and I see another seller bidding on the item, this generally indicates to me that it could be a good deal!?!

    On the note of a "special place for sellers to buy from sellers to resell" - that is why I offer the discreet Wholesale listings - although not limited to other bead sellers alone but to all buyers! If anyone is looking for anything (generally bead related), I can generally source the items at very short notice! (and have ended up with many very happy clients for that specific reason too)

    PS. Re the "oops" with bidding on a non-existent listing - I was "bid" happy and only realised my mistake after I'd confirmed my bid (time restricted). I knew that the seller would delete the bid anyway so I didn't bother posting a request for them to delete it.
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      Hi There Carli Craft

      Thank You for Your reply.

      Absolutely! Nothing wrong with Sellers supporting Sellers. Discreet sounds like a very good idea, but a Seller can't maybe get a much better deal if the public sees the benefits as well, that in any case is our thought.

      We would rather give the Seller an Excellent deal, should we know what they would like to purchase, or We could give out a current stock list to a Seller who would in turn then order bulk of those items for much less. This would be great service from Seller-Seller, don't you think?

      This then seperately from the public, just so that the Seller can make more profit! on bidorbuy- just business etiquette. Our focus here to promote more purchases on bidorbuy not solely concentrating just on Sellers purchasing from one another only, then what is the point? There are much more beaders in each area, wouldn't it be wonderful should we be able to promote clients from each area to visit all the Sellers? We think that would be great. We will be sending out sms's to all our old clients very soon to visit bidorbuy and purchase there beads online at bidorbuy. This is another way to obtain new clients for every one.

      Why do we need to do that? Because not all the Sellers receives the same attention from the public as other Sellers. But as a bonus all the Sellers receives then the same opportunity. Just a marketing thought. We mostly sell offline and are new to bidorbuy setup online and because beading and scrapping is our passion we really want to take this further and hope that all will respond to the call to unite and make bidorbuy a more vibrant and exciting place to be with bead supporters in each one's area.

      To be completely Discreet would be to link via the profile and in our case ICQ. Don't you think that would be better and visa versa, or alternative hope that bidorbuy would be able to answer to the call to work on a option for Sellers to deal with one another. If not, we assume that the profile contact point would then be the best option of linking to one another, that is made available through the forum unless it is changed. Then if changed, there would be no other way except your discreet option. What do you suggest, should that happen?

      We see great bargains offered by various Sellers/Dealers, but this is just how we are - as buyers and importers we really purchase in bulk and import from Factories or Distributors worldwide who give us great deals! For instance Swarovski's we get for next to nothing etc..etc..etc.. so much to mention - but our purchase must be bulk.

      Just imagine a Seller can offer other Sellers products that is a bargain better than that listed on bidorbuy (Retail Bargains) of the same products already offered. Now other Sellers can also list on bidorbuy offering the public a much better deal, although some deals are great already! There are more Sellers to consider in this case also for those who have shops within this same industry.

      What if all the Sellers join and purchase bulk together? "Brainstorming" :D

      Furthermore we are not accusing anyone but only use this forum as a brain-storming point and thank you once again for joining.

      Just a Note: It is all business and not about one feeling special because a Seller bought from another Seller. It should be about quality and good customer service. But we all agree on that.

      "Bid" happy. :D As we are new to this whole concept....but we are learning the ropes. It was totally strange to us, most probably will come across this in future...but thank you that we can learn from you.

      Thank You for taking this very positively. We are also very positive people and always want to promote positive energy.

      Hope more Sellers could join and support one another by adding to this forum such as yourself and as business friends hope this forum would become very popular and the place to be.

      Should you be a Seller within the Craft Industry, join us. Let's brainstorm, ask questions...anyone welcome to answer or leave a note. Let's find common solutions on bidorbuy and have bidorbuy's input (always welcome). This could all be beneficial to Sellers alike, maybe not only in the Craft section.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

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        i must agree

        i am making my scrapbook clothing, and sell it to the public and to some farm stalls at a cheaper price, but i try to keep the selling price the same all around and i suggest a price to the farm stall as well.

        i was looking at the scrap book stuff and thought,,, i could use some of those embellishments for my clothing but at the current prize its not worth it for me, if there was a option seller to seller i could at least get the items i need at a discount.

        moral of the story, why must i buy an item on bid or buy if i can get the same item at a store , but.... its the hassle to drive there to get out to go in etc that gets to me,, u see i cant really move around a lot so for me buying on bid or buy would have been so much easier..... and in the proses i support others on bid or buy. win win for every one. :roll:
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          Totally agree with you. That is why Sellers can assist one another. Thank You for joining this forum. Maybe more suggestions and suppliers within the Scrapbooking can assist here. Maybe you can make a list of all the things you need and perhaps let's see who can assist you. You are doing wonderful work. Go for it! It is people like you who build our economy. Thanks for the support.
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            I personally think that there is nothing wrong with sellers bidding on other sellers items.If I see something that I like,I will place a bid,up to the amt that I am willing to spend,unlike when I first started off and I would bid until I won,only to find that I spent more than what I would have wished.As for opening a line for sellers to buy from sellers,this is not always feasible because we do not always want to buy in bulk of one specifice item,that is why we bid on auctions,whether it is to resell to cater to one of our repeat customers specific needs,or as freebies.I also make jewellery as a sideline and there is no way that I will take beads out of my stock to do this as it then becomes a logistic nightmare when doing stocktaking,that is why it becomes an obvious choice to bid/buy from others when you need a specific item in a specific amt.I also use the balance of the beads that I win/buy from other sellers to give as freebies,this way I know that my stock is intact and I will not run out of a specific item because I used my stock as freebies.

            So the next time a bead seller bids on another bead sellers items,consider this,and realise that we are not trying to exclude the public,but we too are looking for a bargain as everyone else.
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              Hi Jalude

              Thanks for joining this forum. Well said! You've explained this concern very nicely...

              This is what this forum is about. Must say you have nice stocks that you are making available too.

              Everyone needs a bargain and that is great!!!! Out of the replies we see what everybody's aim is.

              Should a Seller want to purchase more stocks from another Seller and find out on other ranges, how should one go about that or is there a Sellers Club that we do not know about within bidorbuy?, or if a Seller really has clear-out stocks that they want to Sell to other Sellers, how should one go about that as well....?

              Who knows, maybe more Sellers (New & Old) have the same questions and misunderstandings. This forum will help to clear out a few misunderstandings. As mentioned previously, nothing wrong with Sellers supporting Sellers. (We for instance like the discreet option sofar, untill something better comes up)

              And what about Sellers who would like to purchase products at better prices to assist them in their business...? What do you suggest here...?

              Again this is an objective forum, here Sellers can assist one another. Give ideas and help to grow business friendships.

              This concern was raised, because we saw the purchase Trend and just wondered if this was the only option to Sellers. We are open to learn from any Seller, have an input on this forum, and not just thinking just of ourselves, make it publicly known - perhaps more can benefit from this forum.

              Should a Seller need help, this would also be a great place to be....maybe more contacts could be made here...

              For instance we are expecting stocks soon from overseas, wouldn't it be nice we make it available to Sellers first, before making it publicly that the Seller can benefit more and first....or should we be interested in any of your type stocks, to perhaps fulfill a clients purchase need...etc... etc....( General Sellers Question )

              Thank You, once again....

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                i wanted to buy some flowers, the flower cost R5.00 the postage is R30.00 as i understood it i can buy stock up to R30.00 to make up for the postage so this wil mean i have to buy 6 boxes of flowers and i only needed one...

                so again, i will go the the craft store and go buy the one box i need. i dont resell them i use them for decoration on my items... and i can go on and on about this....

                as a result of this i went to the post office and got the correct postal prise and i have dropped my shipping charges, so it will now be affordable for any one to buy from me...
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                  Thats wonderful...sometimes we have to search for our own solutions and one need to weigh up the pros & cons, then go with the pros...isn't that true?

                  What will be helpfuls once a Seller has an idea of what the purchaser needs, maybe not only on specific items, but perhaps various items, then the Seller can put together a package, which the buyer at least purchase once or twice a month, obviously depending on the demand.

                  Your demand might even increase later as well, then you can do further online purchases.

                  :arrow: Would somebody to be able to Help Annie? C'mon Sellers...who can provide what she needs?

                  Annie, give us a list of what you usually use for your creations....maybe somebody can help you?

                  Best of Best

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                    o hell a list...

                    this will take some time.. but i will work on it over the weekend. thanks.
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                      Seller to Seller Support

                      Hi there,
                      I am relatively new to BOB myself, this is the first posting ever on the forum, an a matter very close to my heart.:)
                      I do not have a bead shop, or sell anywhere else other than BOB- I am a nurse by trade, and have been struggling for the past year to build up my business on Bid or Buy - which has been a Godsend to someone with limited means, it is a wonderful place to trade.
                      Each region has items or stock which cannot be found / or is difficult to find somewhere else - which is why I buy from other sellers, as it is important to be able to supply as much variety as possible to your clients,
                      Items I have bought from sellers, I normally list as Buy Now ( in order to increase my range), or give as free gifts with Buy Now's.
                      It has been a long hard road this past year, with many of my auctions making huge losses, many tears, and wanting to give up, but also knowing that success is not a want but a need,
                      it must be realized that as sellers, we need the support from buyers or other sellers, whoever finds our product worth purchasing , if we are expected to always sell at a loss then how can we continue to be sellers?
                      To me there is no issue with sellers buying from others- we know a bargain when we see one, and if there are no bids coming in, and I see that I have the opportunity to obtain stock for less than cost- am I then wrong to place a bid? And as a buyer, it is up to the person self how much they are willing to pay for a kit, and this must be within reason.
                      And as for variety - I am afraid I have found that he beading community like to bead with what they are used to, there are trends that people stick to, and very few go for previously unseen items.
                      I would like to thank everyone who has ever supported me, and would like to remind the buyers that we love to please, but we do need support, or there will be no-one to buy from--

                      Thank you for taking the time to read this awesome long story, that was supposed to be a quick comment!;)
                      Warmest regards,