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  • Rechargeable batteries

    I have seen no complaints , or missed them , about under specs rehargeables...
    I have been caught here bying C.F.L. batteries from 2 sellers who have conveniently for them ,unconveniently for me, disappeared.
    I am trying to sort out that problem of underspec batteries.

    The Ni-Mhy batteries (like all batteries ) degrade with the passing of time ,getting worse with the increase in temperature.
    so it could be that old stock (2/3 years old) batteries are surfacing at low prices .the final buyer being the one loosing(all others gain).

    If anybody has been caught ,please join in and tell your story here in public to protect the other possible future buyers.

    It is possible that some people have bought for a non demanding use and therefore have no reason to complain as they do not know the REAL capacity of their batteries.

    In case ,here is a little primer for capacity test

    If a battery is labelled 1000 mAmpHour :
    It should at LEAST keep going for 8 hours(if properly charged)
    supplying 100 milliAmps .That is 80 % of the rating

    DO NOT DISCHARGE BELOW 1 VOLT per cell !!!!! .

    So after a good charge
    keep it on for 4 hours and if it is still going there is a very good HOPE.
    for further discharge wich should be conducted with care ..

    (NOT to go behond(below) the 1V /cell level to avoid harming the battery)

    One cell (1.2V)connected to a resistor of 12 ohms

    That is 1/10 C test.If it fails the battery is underspec
    If further help is needed ASK..

    My tests(with sophisticated equipment)got 10 % with C.F.L batteries AA(2500mAH) and AAA(1000mAH)
    Some chinease batteies leaked and or were below 30 %(from EBay)

    Please battery SELLERS check your specs before advertising for sales..

    As I was saying :::::
    Dialog with one seller
    Your Question was:
    Hi, I got burned here with C.F.L batteries(Eastern Europe Factory-no replies to complaints to sellers or factory).10 % of rating printed on label I got burned at EBay (chinease batteries) 30 % + leaks So ,understandinly ,I am very wary... Is there a possibility to get a TEST sheet by anybody,or I would gladly do the work for free as I have all the equipment.....

    The Answer:
    Sorry, we are not in that league - don't have a test sheet. We only retail (and hope that we've been sold genuine products).

    See what I mean !!!!!!

    SECOND reply same thing

    Your Question was:
    What is the REAL capacity of ythe batteries ?. Are they available for TESTING before buying ?? I got caught by 2 sellers in this place NEVER got any chance to claim back see my post in forum Regards

    The Answer:
    REAL capacity - we don't know. Not available for testing. Suggest you purchase one pack and test at your own risk and expense (hopefully before buying more).

    My reply here

    Meanwhile who carry the bag

    A positive note (at last :) )
    Looking at the ratings of the sellers ...
    There seem to be one who gets ahead with satisfied buyers


    I must try him , that would be the last time I buy "blind" (semi blind here)

    gsbe :D