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  • Look @ This!!!!!!!!!

    hey BoB'ers how U doing. got a nagging ? I need help with.
    I'm looking to purchase a 32"LCD TV soon.
    Sofar I'm stuck on the Sony KLV32S400/KLV32V400 and the Samsung LA32A450.
    no need to be HD full and it will be mostly for
    TV viewing DSTV= 50 %
    PS3/PS2 gaming= 30%
    & DVD watching = 20% (either through PS3 or DVD )

    Which one to choose

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Have you tried searching on for reviews on the different models.

    That is what I do, but you need to read at least 6 to 10 reviews for each
    to get a good idea as some folks are rather petty on their ratings.

    Hope this helps
    Regards, Shane
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      I find the Sony Bravia has the best the two Sony models you mention.....the S model is the basic model and the V model is the more advanced model..Good luck.
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        thanx for the replies. between the 2 Sony models there is bout a R1500 price difference. The V model has a port for USB ( Didital Media Enhancer I think ) and a better contrast rate,according to some salesmen, but on Sony's website when I compare the 2 LCD's it's exactly the same, with a diff in panel design only.
        Cheapest I saw the S400 for was R6900 and the V400 R8499.
        The Sony is my TV of choice, but I would love to hear from ppl that perhaps have one how it handles TV signal ( SD )I'm excpacting it to be a bit crap, but how much :? :?: ?


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          I own a Sony KLV32S400. Great TV- Excellent Picture quality. Great Gaming Graphics (Xbox360). It does have 3x HDMI ports. Not FULL HD only HD ready. But I was told not too worry to much about that.

          Play Xbox360 throught HD cable. The picture CANNOT be better!

          Try and look at the LG Scarlet editions- The Best Picture, but expensive!