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  • Solar Panel

    Hi all io need some help I have just got a solar panel i have no idea of what i have it is a piece of glass with a zigzag film on it i can get about 20 of them just the glass and the solar panel stuff connected to it it also has 2 squares i assume to connect the terminal futher i am a bit lost please help....
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    Solar Panel

    send me a photo of it and i will tell you everything you want to know.

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      Please post some more details, size, wattage, voltage, pics if possible.
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        Originally posted by hdingane8
        Hi, i've just bought new solar panels. It really helps me to save money on electricity. Also found cool new way how to choose the right solar panels for a good price - i've just filled one form at and few companies immediately contacted me and offered what i've been looking for, therefore i could choose the best option in no time.

        Maybe if you fill the form and companies will call you - you can consult with them :)

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