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  • Why the PS3 move could flop

    So there's some hype surrounding the new PS3 motion control system but I'm thinking it's not going to take off for a number of reasons.

    Firstly, all the serious gamers who scorned the Wii as gimmicky aren't going to get them because it's bringing the same thing to the PS3
    Secondly it's an add on to the PS3 which means everyone is going to have to spend more money to get one. The wii comes with all that built in
    Thirdly, all the family gamers that were wowed by the wii have pretty much bought them already and I can't see mom and dad buying a PS3 as well when the kids have already got the wii. And then of course the wii is already cheaper and has the rep so new buyers will probably still swing that way.
    Fourthly, the games already released for the PS mostly won't work with the new system and because it's an add on, not too many game companies are going to make games exclusively for the move since they'll be limiting their market
    And finally there is as yet no killer app on the horizon for this new system that is exclusive to the "Move" and will drive everyone to want it.

    So my verdict is, even if it's a good product it's not going to be a huge long term success. They'd be better off releasing a whole new console with it built in, like the wii. Now let me put on my flame proof suit and wait for the reaction from Sony fans! :D

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    I'm a huge PS3 fan - but I agree with you. I got rid of my Wii because I didn't like the whole setup - old fashioned sit 'n play here for me! Also, I'm not going to spend extra money - if I wanted a Wii like console, I would have kept mine!! Having said all that though, knowing me, I will get it just to try - then sell it on BOB!!
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      Ha ha well maybe we'll have a whole run of them on here in a while when people like yourself are tired of them. As for me I like the wii because of nintendo's games more than the controls but the controls do really work well for certain games and for others like super mario galaxy and super smash bros the scheme is still basically sit down and play but I can't see lots of hard core ps3 gamers buying into the move fully.

      Incidentally is anyone else keen to play super mario galaxy 2? I'm going to be buying my copy ASAP.


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        I agree with Daykie here...To a certain extent though! I think like any new product that has been hyped up so much, people will queue up to get it. Look at the ipad, over 2 million units sold. A number of people felt it may be an unnecessary accessory but these gadgets are still flying off the shelves. Sony have seen the demand driven by the Wii for motion sensing controllers, and I am sure they have something unique they will introduce to the market with the move. If it is a good product then word of mouth should boost the sales of the product and if they can bundle the move and the console together at a decent price then there could be hope for the future. The same can be said for Microsoft's Project Natal (Kinect). I don't know about the concept of playing with no controllers though.

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