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  • New GISA certificates

    Hi all,

    You may have noticed that GISA gem reports now have new formats across the range of all report types to reflect our newly redesigned logos etc and some have already started appearing on BoB.

    As always, we would appreciate any insights and/or comments so as to better serve the gemstone community.



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    Yeah, looks much better and more professional and eventually you hooked up a web site. On a different note I would like to ask you the International School of Gemology course how do you feel about it, thinking about starting it at the end of the month. I have done the IDT course but think there is room for improvement.


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      The trouble with the IDT courses is that there is really only theory, and even that needs beefing up. Which of their courses did you take? Not bad for introductory courses though, just lacking in any visual or practical reference. If it's just for your personal development etc I can send you details of free courses that have much better content, but you don't get the certificate or diploma.

      The ISG courses are far better and at least there are DVDs giving demonstrations of the tools and lots of images. The downside is there are no practical tests or instruction in SA, but their content is pretty good.

      I suppose we could offer a few days of hands on training for those that did their course.

      Of course the GIA courses are a step up in terms of course delivery, practical instruction and exams, but their cost is pretty massive.

      We're also looking at developing a curriculum here which will start off with an introductory course and then cover all the different areas. Let me know if you'd be interested. I'm trying to gauge the feasibility right now.

      Glad you prefer the certs and website. Let me know if you have any suggestions on how we could improve it.



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        Hi Lukeness,
        Please add a link to the new GISA certificate and to the GISA website.
        Found the info thanks!;)
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          Hi Luke

          I think developing a curriculum here would be great and there would be plenty of people who would be interested in training with you. How would you go about training guys in JHB though, would it all be online?

          As for the IDT course, I just did GG course but also looking at the diamond grading course but then I bumped into the ISG and knowing you were part of it I was just wondering if perhaps that might be better. Do you know of a jewellery appraisal course that I could do as my wife is starting her manufacturing jewellery business and it will help in the future.

          Could you please PM me the prices of certs as I have some stones I need to have done.

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            To start with the introductory course will be online or through distance learning. For any of the more advanced courses we will do a combination of the two with online or distance theory lessons and hands-n on practical training and exams.

            The ISG course is pretty thorough and I can definitely recommend it over the IDT course. It gets a little hairy for a commercial lab operation though as you have to use (and buy) much more advanced scientific equipment than any of the courses (including GIA and Gem-A) cover.

            I'll have a look for a stand-alone appraisal course and let you know.

            I'll send you a PM a little later about certs.