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  • DIAMONDS - Champagne vs Brown

    This is something that comes up quite often so I thought maybe I should try to clarify.

    While some labs still use 'brown' to describe the colour, brown diamonds are usually graded according to the Argyle Grading Scale that was developed by Argyle Diamond Mines (owners of the world's largest Diamond mine and large producers of brown and pink diamonds) and it is the grading system commonly used world wide for these diamonds, it is designed specifically for use with brown diamonds. Therefore, brown diamonds and champagne diamonds are the same thing and laboratories commonly use either one.

    The Argyle scale rates champagne diamonds from C1 to C7. The C1 is the lightest champagne color, while the C7 is the darkest and most intense color (fancy cognac).

    Both the GIA and Argyle methods are well recognized in the industry. With the GIA system, brown or champagne diamonds would be graded on the white-yellow (D-Z) grading scale and thereafter as fancy grades.
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    Champagne is much more marketable than plain ol' brown. But it's gonna bite them in the derriere... champagne obviously refers to the beverage and is a registered trademark.
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      The use of the word champagne is restricted when used in references to sparkling wines by international treaty concerning its use in wines. So I can't see that problem developing. Especially since the Argyle mine was commissioned in 1985 so it is hardly a new approach.

      It is also used word-wide by many labs, including EGL, although the local branch seems to stick to ECG Brown most of the time.