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  • IF Gemstones

    After looking through the Snap Friday auctions, I can't help but wonder... Where do all these IF Sapphires, Rubies, Aquamarines and other gemstones come from? With a very vague description. All of them also seem to come from Sri Lanka and Madagascar and have been subjected to diffusion! One of my favourites is the Tourmaline stated as Treatment - Lab. What exactly does that mean???
    Have I been shopping at the wrong places? Or is there a scam brewing again?

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    First of all, there are as yet no viable gem quality synthetic tourmalines known, so while this was sold as lab created and in the correct section it is very likely something else.

    The Padparadsha is artificially coloured by diffusion (if it is natural, which at that size is doubtful) and therefore should not be called a that at all. Also, it does not come close to the colours required to be called a Padparadsha (in the pictures anyway).

    No idea about the ruby, although if it is diffused sapphire and judging from the pics it has an orange caste it should really not be sold as a ruby. The size and clarity would immediately raise flags.

    That said, all three went for ridiculously low prices and would even be considered pretty good prices for synthetics.


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      IF Sapphires etc...."ify"!!!!!:(
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        It galls me when people get suckered like that! And that seller is not the only one selling huge IF sapphires and such. But like you say Lukeness those people did not get ripped off completely! I just feel sorry for them when they realise they've been duped!


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          I've bought a few gems here and there on BoB, now I'm bigining to wonder if anything I have bought is what was advertised. Seems that you really have to know your stuff or stick with trusted sources when buying something online, so for the most part I will just be sticking to what I know.

          The one that I like the most though is this one...

          Lab Created - 2.29 CT AMAZING PRISTINE OVAL GREEN THAT COLOUR CHANGES TO PINK ALEXANDRITE (99% PURE SYNTHETIC). was sold for R51.00 on 21 Jul at 20:46 by Diamondz in Johannesburg (ID:24043165)

          I have no idea what its worth but out of all the gems that I have I have to say its the most fascinating thing I've ever seen.
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            Alexandrite is very interesting and the best known colour changing stones. There are quite a few others, notably some spectacular colour change garnets.
            That was is lab created, but at least they say so!


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              A couple of years ago I bought a lot of gemstones from a trusted seller...most turned out to be hydrothermal..the seller disappeared and now sells cell phones I believe....we all live and learn. However if I now sold them as Hydrothermals I would probably get my money back.
              Buyer beware!!!!
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                I would love to get MsPlod's take on this query! ;)
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                  A slight deviation off the topic:

                  I had a buyer query a purchase he made from me last week. I bought the gem in as a Topaz (beautiful trillion), and listed it accordingly. It was not an IF gem so I didn't think anything was amiss. The buyer tested the RI and he said it is a corrundum or created sapphire.


                  Any comment from other users in the trade?

                  Perhaps I should invest in the relative equipment so I can do the test myself. Would that help?
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                    You could make a specific gravity setup using what you already have that can make a lot of separations.
                    Don't go for so-called digital refractometers, they are unreliable.


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                      Still a steady stream of IF gems being sold on BoB. I saw some fantastic Spinel and Sapphires again tonight. One in particular was a 24ct blue IF spinel. Where do these fantastic gems come from?? I have come to the conclusion that I am surely shopping in the wrong places.
                      @ CaliCraft, unfortunately I have come to distrust any gem that comes or is stated to come from Brazil. Simply because I have had the misfortune of buying some beauties only to realise that the closest they ever came to Brazil was prob when the airplane they were traveling in got lost and had to stop over in Brazil. They all turned out to be hydrotherrmal quartz. But such is life. Like a verry wise friend alwas said, "The only two people that ever really know where a gem comes from or what was done to it, is G o d* and the miner, and the miners oppinnion is suspect at best!"

                      I just feel sorry for all the buyers out there getting duped into thinking they got a fantastic stone only to be let down later when they realise the opposite is true. I would rather buy a synthetic for what it is at a reasonable price than buy it as the real thing at a bargain price!

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                        So I am assuming that it was you SS that reported me to the community watch!

                        For the record, the gems I am selling are firstly NOT inclusion free (IF) and are at best VVS. The suppliers' information that has been provided state where the gems originate from - I do not fabricate this info! That also applies to any treatments or lack thereof. I know the difference between natural and hydrothermal - unlike MANY other gem sellers at the moment so please direct your threats elsewhere and where it is needed!

                        I have been in this "game" long enough to know which suppliers I can trust and as such have spent many thousands of rands with them year in and year out - I'm not going to spend THAT amount of money on rubbish! (I'm guessing that I've spent far more in the past 2 months that you have even made on BoB alone - over R40k!)

                        I therefore do not appreciate you bad-mouthing my business on the forum - intentionally or not! To throw accusations such as you have done must be proven - not just assumed! I for one am one of the most honest sellers' here on BoB and I intend on staying that way come hell or high water!!

                        PS. Are you not aware of the considerable gem / mineral deposits in Brazil? You obviously have not seen first hand the beautiful items that originate from that country! Not everything is from the East!
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