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  • Community Watch - Gemstone forum only

    Community Watch - Gemstone forum only

    This thread is for any concerns or problems found with listings/adverts as stipulated in the Gemstone Selling Guide ( ).

    It is open to all members. If you find a problematic listing/advert, please complete the following procedure:

    1. State the nature of the complaint (e.g. Listing misleading because of photograph, listing fails to state treatments, etc.);
    2. Provide a link to the listing/advert;
    3. Describe in detail what the complaint is.

    Thereafter, Lukeness (as he formulated the Guide and is therefore well acquainted with it), will review the complaint and state whether or not the listing/advert is in violation of the Selling Guide and what, if any, measures need to be taken to correct the listing.

    Should the listing/advert not be corrected promptly and completely, the case will be transferred to Bid or Buy security for further action to be taken against the seller in question.

    Sellers who repeatedly violate the guidelines set out will also be passed over to BoB security for action with a history of offenses.

    PLEASE NOTE: Complaints related to issues which are unrelated to those covered by the Guide but still are against the rules set out by BoB (Shill bidding, showing contact details, etc) should be posted in the main Community Watch forum.
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    So here it starts...


    Now we all have an opportunity to get things how we believe they should be. So let's use it.

    I've noticed a few very scary listings up already, but will wait until tomorrow evening before commenting.

    Please guys, post any listings you believe illustrate foul play.
    Let's just remember that this is meant to keep all traders on an even keel, we aren't out to get Joe Soap who's trying to flog off something he picked up, we're trying to ensure that established gem traders play fair.

    Full, honest disclosure is all that is asked.

    Now, let the games begin...


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      Will this be in reference to gemstones only or gemstones and jewellry?
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        Anything with gemstones


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          the first

          I cannot see anywhere that this seller is specifying that she is using stock photos

          The photo used here was also used in other auctions I know because I was mislead/fooled twice with this add
          You teach best what you need to learn most...think about it and you will realize I am correct


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            Gem search, please rectify the listing if this is the case or respond here if it is not.



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              Sorry I have just found this is not even a stock photo but in fact a another fraudulent listing This same photo was used to sell theses two tanzanites and I guarantee that they were NOT VVS tanzanites the size was .28ct
              Now the same photo is used to sell .15 ct tanzanites How is this possible to have the same photo on different size tanzanites?
              Listing 1
              Listing 2
              Listing for this Wednesday
              Does this seller really think we are too blind to notice?
              You teach best what you need to learn most...think about it and you will realize I am correct


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                can two .015ct tanzanites sell at R15600 per carat? or around $2228 per carat? Not even AAA Dblocks over a carat sells for this on the international market...Should the gemval values not be displayed so we can see how the seller got to her value of R2340 for these gems as per regulation 8.5 of the gemstone guide?
                I am just asking to make sure that we as sellers are clear that we interpret the regulations correctly
                You teach best what you need to learn most...think about it and you will realize I am correct


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                  I do not want to sound like a broken gramaphone but can someone explain how a seller in NEW York and a seller in witrivier sell the exact same lot?
                  and this listing
                  rules 2.1 , 2.2, 2.3, 2.5 and 2.8
                  You teach best what you need to learn most...think about it and you will realize I am correct


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                      Let's try and keep this controllable otherwise it will never work.

                      Please, if you have queries, combine them. Previous posts can be edited if anything needs adding. Just add a note in the post to reflect this.

                      That way we can attempt to address the issues together.

                      Let's address the issue of Stock Pictures.

                      Here are the important things to consider:

                      1. It is deceptive to use any pictures or illustrations in any part of the advertisement which may, along with other visual aspects including but not limited to text or graphics, misrepresent the article being sold in any way.

                      4. Should there be any possibility of variance in any aspects of the product as portrayed by the image, these must be clearly identified.

                      5. When stock images are used, it is assumed that the image comes from the actual items in stock. Sellers cannot use images of alternative stones from other sources as this is considered an attempt to mislead. Stock photos must portray and accurate representation of the gemstone on offer.

                      8. Under no circumstances should images of similar goods from other sources be used as a representation of your product.

                      Do the images portrayed reflect all of the above?

                      Originally posted by gem search
                      Lukeness, this is not the case GEMSHOP cannot read even with those BIG specs on! Gem shop look for this on ALL my auctions - quote: Photo's on auction are stock photo's unless otherwise stipulated " unquote
                      then an apology will be in order, as usual.
                      Thank you Gemsearch, please point out where on your listings this text is placed. My apologies but I can't seem to find it either. Although I could quite easily be the one at fault here.


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                        oops took me half an hour to find that clause under SHIPPING and other charges.
                        why would you put it there and not in the actual add ? On reading the add a reasonable person will be under the impression (specially the small written piece at the bottom ) that this was a photo of the real thing....and why would you use a stock photo you used for a .28ct tanzanite for a .15 ct tanzanite . Surely they are not the same thing?
                        And I just happened to notice this listing and remembered you sold me the same thing a while back so I checked?...Rather just fix it so nobody will think you are trying to deceive them
                        You teach best what you need to learn most...think about it and you will realize I am correct


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                            Please first allow Gemsearch to respond.

                            As far as the notice of stock photos goes, I've now seen where it is placed.
                            Please remember that this needs to be placed prominently to ensure that buyers see it.


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                              Luke I take it you will take this response up with bob? Its not the question of using stockphotos but for goodness gracious dont mislead people by one week using a photo for one tanzanite and the next week for a completely different one...
                              You teach best what you need to learn most...think about it and you will realize I am correct