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  • Gem clearance sales

    I'm thinking of doing a short run of (hopefully bulk) sales to get rid of the society's excess gems of all types at reduced prices. Mostly rare collector type stones.

    I can offer gem grading certificates, but will not do appraisals (valuations) due to the obvious conflict of interest as they would not be independent.

    Would single stone sales or lots of stones (the same or mixed?) be a better option?

    These could be ideal for sellers or collectors.

    Should anyone have anything specific in mind that could also be arranged as a Buy Now auction.

    Any comments, questions or suggestions are very welcome.

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    Very interested...I would prefer single stone auctions...or buy now! :D
    My age is but an irrelevant number !
    Items I am selling.


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      sounds good Luke, I would be interested in any high-end Gem quality pieces

      Motherearth - Fine Jewelry and Gemstones


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        Hi Luke,

        Have you decided yet wheter or not to sell off the gems as discussed above? I would be very interested to have a sneak peak!


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          Give me an indication (PM if you like) off what you'd be interested in and I'll see what I have available.
          There's so much stuff that I just haven't had the time to sort it all out.