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  • Red Andesine Warning

    Just a heads-up to everyone.

    There has been recent exposure of diffusion and other treatment used to create red Andesine. This made worse by the fact that to date, the is no actual evidence of any mines with untreated RED ANDESINE.

    Research is still under way but it appears to be a combination or several treatments, particularly copper particle diffusion.

    Sellers and buyers, please be extremely cautious when purchasing any of this material until more details are established and we can confidently show where untreated natural red Andesine can be sourced, if at all. Early indications are that there is possibly a source in Congo but as yet there is no real supporting evidence.

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    ISG Issues Consumer Alert: Andesine-labradorite
    San Antonio
    June 4, 2008:

    The International School of Gemology has issued a consumer alert regarding the so called “andesine labradorite” being sold by many jewelry shopping channels and internet websites. In a collaborative effort with several important industry experts, the ISG has found both the red and green variety of this material to exhibit diagnostic evidence of artificial color enhancement. At issue is the proper disclosure of gemstone treatments as required by the United Stated Federal Trade Commission under CFR Title 16, Section 23.22.

    We urge consumers to be aware that these “andesine-labradorite” gemstones have exhibited diagnostic evidence of artificial color enhancement as presented in our weekly newsletters. Without proper disclosure, this treatment could have a significantly negative impact on the actual values of the stones as compared to the values being claimed by the sellers. The origin of the gemstones in question includes, but is not limited to, Mongolia, Tibet, Mexico, and the Congo.

    In their offering of this “andesine labradorite”, one major television shopping channel made claims that their gemstones had been verified by up to nine major laboratories and universities as being totally natural and untreated. However, in a written statement to the ISG, the co-founder of this shopping channel admitted knowledge of “bulk treatments” of the “yellow rough” being done to the material, and admitted that he does
    not know the actual type of treatment being done.

    This consumer alert does not extend to the natural Oregon Labradorite Sunstone from the various mines in Oregon. The ISG has tested both rough and faceted gemstones from the various Oregon mines.

    The research on this consumer alert has been a collaborative effort by the ISG, StoneGroup Labs(Raman Spectroscopy), Enwave Optronics Raman Spectroscopy),,, and Gemn’, along with collaborating materials provided through by the Japan Germany Gemological Lab and the German Gemological Association and scores of concerned consumers including a consumer group known as the JTV Junkies.

    For further information please contact that International School of Gemology at


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      I have a wonderful article about Red andesine and how the whole process is used to defraud unsuspecting buyers and as soon as I figured out how to post pictures I will upload the whole article here as I am sure a lot of other people might find this interesting
      You teach best what you need to learn most...think about it and you will realize I am correct


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        Is it the one sent out yesterday by coloured stone magazine?


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          yep take it you also got it by mistake?
          You teach best what you need to learn most...think about it and you will realize I am correct


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            I don't think it was by mistake. I think they're now trying to cover their backs as they've got under the skin of a few guys in the industry who are trying to cover their tracks.
            There are some real big names involved in all this.