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  • Black Diamonds

    I like black rare are they and what is their value?
    All you experts tell us what you know!

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    Hi Debbie

    Black diamonds are rarely cut and polished, which is why you are having difficulty finding pricing on it online. Most diamonds are black or brown, and are used for industrial purposes as abrasives. While some can be attractive, they are generally not particularly valuable. Flaws in diamonds -- called "inclusions" -- can be cracks and fissures in the stone (even inside the stone), twinned crystals which appear white or cloudy inside a clear stone, or foreign matter trapped inside the crystal. Often this is carbon that does not convert to diamond. This foreign matter is not the same as a colouring agent -- for example trace elements of, say, cobalt, might turn a diamond blue without effecting the clarity of the diamond. Black diamonds contain enough foreign matter to "occlude" transparency and blacken the stone. As a novelty, you might be able to sell it for a few hundred dollars online to someone who is just interested in a curiosity -- a black diamond, cut and polished for jewellery. As a gemstone itself, I would guess that market price (for only the stone) might be $100 to $200. I-3 is the lowest clarity grade for a gem quality diamond, but I don't think a diamond could be black and have a higher clarity grade. The cut of the diamond will have little impact on value because cut is designed to enhance the light refractive qualities of the stone -- a well cut diamond will maximize this property. In a black stone, the shape and proportion (in other words "the cut") will not change the price.

    My answer was aided by a online article on the topic.



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      Yes.... you type quickly!
      Well there is this black diamond I am interested in...any comments?
      I want it!!


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        Well If anybody is looking for a super secretary out there I am open to :lol:

        I have that very stone in front of me now and you are the highest bidder so good luck - I am sure that you have a good chance. As a matter of interest what do you intend to do with it? Setting or just collection?

        Jeff, Motherearth makes some stunning Jewellery that goes straight to Southerbys auctioneers in London. Lets see what he suggests when he wakes up in beautiful Thailand.


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          It looks pretty and an unusual cut, not the normal round stuff (they are boring)
          I'll just look at it :lol:
          When does Thailand wake up?
          Need a second opinion......anyone (don't bid against me )


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            Just going off the subject a bit "Rutile" containing Titanium...Does this make it better or worse? I like your Peridot :lol:


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              The time right now in SA is 22:33 and the time in Thailand is 03:33 so they are 5 hours ahead of SA. I am not an expert on Rutile but that is another for Jeff and Luke.


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                I don't look at my computer on Sunday's (not relegious, just hung over)
                You must give me a good tip sometime


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                  I can't spell religious..sorry up there!


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                    I like black rare are they and what is their value?
                    All you experts tell us what you know!
                    Hi There,

                    Someone Pm'd this topic to me. Just a few quick pointers.

                    1. Black diamonds cannot be categorised by clarity. They are opaque stones and are normally classified by the luster or fire they possess such as AAA or AAA+++ etc.
                    2. 90% of these stones are not well cut, the shapes and sizes differ hugely. Strange shapes are largely the result of damaged rough, thus maximising the output or percentage of polished / rough ratio.
                    3. Black diamonds are the most impure of all containing certain natural chemicals or carbon impurities.
                    4. Most black diamonds also have very abrasive or "scratchy surfaces."

                    On the flipside, demand and supply determine prices. Simply law of economics and thus if fashion designers choose to include these stones in their next celebrity piece then the price is adjusted accordingly. However, the demand in these cases is not sustained and therefore my opinion that these are not investment diamonds!!

                    I do have them in my personal wedding in 0.04ct pieces to enhance the beauty of my colourless diamond set in white gold. All depends on the individual.

                    Hope this helps. Kindest Regards


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                      Hi, the good thing about Black Diamonds is that sellers can't cheat regarding colour and clarity, they are black and opaque, a refreshing change, I'm sure most would agree! , while cut is not as critical as with other diamonds, a nicely cut stone will still look a lot better that one that is badly cut, and hence be worth more money! , stones over a ct would retail at around $300-$400 a ct

                      Rutile inclusions are extremely rare in Peridot, thus making them unusual and very collectable

                      still in Singapore

                      Motherearth - Fine Jewelry and Gemstones