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  • Heat treated rubies

    Hi I sell jewellery on BoB and recently got in a ruby ring from a supplier. The ruby was very clear which I did think was unusual -- when I asked the supplier about this I was told that the ruby was heat treated to make it clearer. I then sold the ring saying that it was heat treated as I was told. My customer has just come back to me saying the ruby was classified by her jeweller as a simulated ruby. She was very understanding but the problem is I have other rings from the same supplier and I would like to know if there is anyone on BoB who could help me determine if they are real or fake? Any gemologists out there who offer a valuation service?

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    There are various options. Some will depend on your location and what is most convenient. You can PM me for more details. There are also other good options mentioned elsewhere in the forum.

    You client should also find out if there is a qualified gemmologist at her jeweller because few jewellers are qualified to ID coloured stones, let alone their synthetics and simulants. If they were they should been able to tell what was used as the simulant ie. spinel, garnet, glass etc.

    I would also mention it to the supplier and see how they respond.



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      Lukeness (and the other experts)

      (Btw I am just continuing with this thread rather than creating a whole new one as my questions are similar)

      You mentioned that rubies treated with glass filling (CELG) are weaker than the untreated rubies and the glass filling is also a non-permanent effect.

      I have bought the following two rubies that are stated to be treated by CELG or fracture filled, and as I am new to the gemstone collection (mostly just look at how beautiful the stone is to me) I was just wondering what your opinion of my purchases are (if I can borrow your expertise for such a small and possibly insignificant task).

      If I set these stones should I perhaps use a protective setting to ensure that their lifetime is extended?

      I am also looking at another cabochon such as this one

      I don't expect these stones to be worth thousands, but would just like to get your opinion (and the opinion of other buyers/sellers).

      Anything will help! Thank you


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        The important thing with these is to ensure that whoever sets them is careful and does not apply too much heat or use a sonic cleaner or any strong solvents (not even lemon juice). Any of these could damage the filler.

        Other than that, the stones should have no problem as far as stability goes although they would be more prone to damage in the case of a hard knock.

        If you are careful (don't wear he stones on rings while gardening etc), you should not have any problem with these and the filler could last a lifetime.

        The most important thing is that you find it beautiful, and that's what really matters.

        I like the third one the most.


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          Thanks a lot for your reply! The seller also gave me similar advice and I will definitely look after the rubies. Happy easter weekend!