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  • Help with buying tanzanites

    I need some help please.
    I won
    Cut/Shape: OVAL CUT
    Origin: TANZANIA
    Carat: 4.88CT
    Diameter: 8.9mm (length) x 11.4mm (width)
    Treatment: Heat Treated

    Color: AAA Violet Blue

    Clarity: Slight Inclusions (SI) (There is an inclusion on bottom left of the stone, however when set on jewellery, the inclusion is not visible to the naked eye). We tried to show it as best as possible on the picture.

    Certificate of Authenticity is included

    We do not enhance the picture on its color or clarity of the Tanzanite. Color is exactly as shown in picture. It also has fine polish on corners to easily set on jewellery.

    On auction 11 march 2009.
    I got it for R10,000 and as a gem knower, i know this is a good deal.
    It is also alot of money which i dont want to lose.
    The seller is finejewellery, from outside sa.
    Is he a recommended seller?
    Could someone please help me through this big buy?

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    I would be very careful about this deal also SI I dont like.
    I am sure you will get some more helpful replies from our Expert Gemstone Bobbers!
    I wold not transfer funds untill you find out more about this srone.
    Good luck
    My age is but an irrelevant number !
    Items I am selling.


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      Thank you,
      The picture shows the (si) Which is fairly small.
      Seller is also outside sa.
      Does anyone know anything from this seller?


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        Hi lenkie,

        I have not dealt with the seller so I cannot comment on that.

        Here is a link to the auction for anyone who want a look

        4.88CT Tanzanite

        If the stone looks like what is listed then it's not bad.

        But being a type1 gem, the inclusion should not be "eye-visible". Having said that, it does look like it would be well-hidden under a prong when set. It worries me a little as it looks a bit like a crack, which could be a problem , if not now then later. But that might also just be the picture...

        The ratings so far don't give an indication of any foul play though.


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          Certificate of whom!
          My age is but an irrelevant number !
          Items I am selling.


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            The seller just send me a Certificate of Authenticity by golden star creations in hong kong?


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              In my humble opinion I dont think this C of A has much credibility.......check them on the internet.
              Good luck
              My age is but an irrelevant number !
              Items I am selling.


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                I just checked them, they are listed in alot of places?


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                  Golden Star Creations - owner Edmund Chen:

                  Edmund Chen’s Experience
                  Golden Star Creations Limited
                  (Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Wholesale industry)
                  June 1999 — Present (9 years 10 months)
                  Edmund Chen’s Education
                  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
                  Master Of Science, Tourism, 1996 — 1998
                  University of Hawaii at Manoa
                  1991 — 1995
                  Edmund Chen’s Contact Settings
                  Interested In:
                  job inquiries
                  expertise requests
                  business deals


                  No mention of qualified Gemologist, etc. Certificate of Authenticity therefore doubtfully "valid".

                  PS. And if you're looking for a job at Golden Star Creations, don't worry, only 0-5 years experience needed... (diploma not even necessary)!
                  Click here for great deals!


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                    Oh... ok. Damn, the seller is actually Edmund Chen?


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                      All of this should have been done before you bid.
                      You bid.
                      Its a contract.
                      Finish and klaar.

                      If 39 positive ratings will not let you fork over the money, nothing will.
                      Items I have for sale.


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                        You know Edmund Chen?????

                        Note the majority of stones sold are in a setting.
                        My age is but an irrelevant number !
                        Items I am selling.


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                          Hey, dont get lelik.
                          I am wiling to pay, no problem.
                          I just want to make sure. u guys discuss fraud alot on the forum and excuse me for getting worried.
                          I wouldnt have bid on it if i couldnt pay it.
                          Just wanted some help from u guys...


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                            Guys, please go easy on the tone... the forum is here to be informative and helpful.



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                              Yes, thank you :(
                              I just wanted to know about the purchase and seller.
                              It is a gorgeous gem