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  • Imortant Breakthrough - Gemstone Cloning!

    It seems there has been a new scientific breakthrough in the identical cloning of gemstones!!, in particular some very rare Tunduru Rubies all the way from Madagascar??, which I am told is somewhere near the South Pole! , they have even found a way of heat treating these beauties without them cracking! , which may also be the reason, that they are different sizes and prices!!

    valued at $12,700 US

    identical twin sister currently only $80 US - WOW?

    baby sister is struggling at a mere $45 US - poor soul!!

    it seems that cloning can also be achieved with Blue Sapphire!!

    this is a particularly interesting achievement, because the photograph is of a Tanzanite!! .... maybe the clones have a hidden talent such as metamorphism! ... just imagine if it could colour change also!!

    Whilst my attempt at humor may not be the best, there is a serious note here .... why do consumers buy so blindly, how can you possibly know what the actual stone looks like?

    I would like to add that contrary to the Gemstone Selling Guidelines, there is no mention of the use of stock photos, anywhere in either the title or description!

    Motherearth - Fine Jewelry and Gemstones

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