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  • Is it just my ignorance?

    Am I just ignorant or is Goldstones a lab created Gem?
    You teach best what you need to learn most...think about it and you will realize I am correct

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    It is indeed. Glass with metal particles to simulate Sunstone.


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      By browsing these threats I noticed it is not the first time this seller is trying to mislead buyers by selling something which does not appear in nature.?

      It gives all gem sellers a bad reputation if someone misleads buyers by doing this?
      You teach best what you need to learn most...think about it and you will realize I am correct


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        In their defence, they have numerous listings for Goldstone and the others all seem to make what it is very clear. I would therefore assume that in this case it was merely an over site.


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          As per my listings, herewith below the information on this unusual "gem":

          Goldstone (brown or blue) is a man-made stone and is made by adding Copper Salts to glass in a furnace. The heat "smelts" the Copper Salts back to Copper which then crystallize in the glass. A vegetable dye (brown or blue) is added to give the final colour colour. The Copper platelets formed this way are suspended in the glass and give it its characteristic glitter!

          Goldstone is thought to have originated in Italy, and is still made there today by members of a single monastic community. Legend has it, that it was for a long time a very closely guarded secret how they made it, and even now the manufacture of the material remains the primary source of income for that monastery, even though Goldstone is also commercially made elsewhere these days (but just does not look as great as the "original"). Other stories relate how Goldstone is thought to have been discovered by alchemists whilst on their lifelong quest to transmute base metals into gold.


          Unfortunately many sellers still label this gem as either Sunstone, or classify it as a natural gem. It was with shock that I discovered the health shop at the Knysna Waterfront (notorious for expensive gemstones / crystals) was highly insistent that I did not know what I was talking about and that I was wrong!

          Ultimately it pays to do your homework first!
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            This is my first time to the form and I am i just as ignorant. This seller you referring to is not claiming any natural gemstone in his her advert. he/she is not misleading the buyer to state that it is a Sunstone. she/he is clearly named is Goldstone.

            I looked at a couple of there other auctions where the other gems are clearly stated as natural this one do not have this claim.

            Am I stupid or is it only some sellers that always looking and posting threads for faults in other sellers as I see plenty of attracts from the same sellers, attacking other sellers (sound suspicious)

            I do not sell gemstones but most of the gemstone treads seems to be sellers trying to find fault in other sellers. I cannot see anything wrong with this auction.

            I cannot find anything misleading in the auction in question


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              I don't think you should be too hasty to criticise, Tipisa. It's discussion that educates all of us and questions do not mean criticism. You'll see lots of it on the forum, not only relating to gemstones! Enjoy the forum - it's a great place to "socialise" when you've got a few spare minutes. :)
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                Hi tipisa,

                Welcome to the forum.

                The post, and the auction in question, you replied to is 5 months old. If memory serves me the seller edited his/her item description at that time.

                bidorbuy relies on the users to alert them, and help each other, if some items are misrepresented in the description. Misrepresentation is covered in the listing Policy.

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                Thank you.
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